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Carpe Diem’s “Only the first line … ” #5 “Under the Willow”



· (c)November 3, 2013 Saradunn….

Before the winter storms, the St. Dunstan Espiscopal Church’s willow tree, Ellsworth Maine, USA


Our Host, Kristjaann Panneman, aka Chèvrefeuille, writes:
Just a treat for your inspiration. A new episode of Carpe Diem’s “only the first line”. 
In this special feature the goal is to write a new haiku which starts with a given fîrst line.
For this episode of CD’s “only the first line” I have chosen the next ‘first line’.
To make this a real challenge I have one ‘rule’ which you have to use.
Which one? Well … the haiku has to follow the syllables-count 5-7-5, the classic rule.
The first line you have to use is:

“under the willow”

Have fun, be inspired and share your classical (counted) haiku 
starting with the above mentioned line with us all.Here is my ( Chèvrefeuille”s attempt:

under the willow
hiding for the midday-heat
newly wed couple

(c) Chèvrefeuille


My story of the willow tree is a sad one 
but the tree has so far survived
the storms of many winters.

(c) 2/14/2014

After  the winter storms, the St. Dunstan Espiscopal Church’s willow tree, Ellsworth Maine, USA



I wrote in answer to the prompt:
under the willow
winter’s ice storm reminder
all life is fragile




Wisteria with Real Toads


(c) May 27, 2012 Ellsworth, Maine, USA … Sigrid Saradunn



The prompt:  wisteria 
Wisteria vines climb by twining their stems either clockwise or counterclockwise
 round any available support. 
They can climb as high as 20 m above the ground and spread out 10 m laterally..Symbolic Wisteria Meaning:

Flora records indicate wisteria has been known to live up to 100 years and even older
 (there is a 1200 year old wisteria tree in Japan). 
It’s long-life bestows the symbolic meaning of immortality and longevity to the wisteria. 
European families mark the ages of generations passing with the growth of this vine, 
and so it makes sense the vine embodies an essence of immortality 
(as fathers and grandfathers tell their sons of stolen kisses beneath the same wisteria 
that grew during the day of their great grandfathers).

A great wisteria (藤, fuji) blossoms at Ashikaga Flower Park in Ashikaga, Tochigi, Japan. 
The largest wisteria in Japan, it is dated to c. 1870 and covers approximately 
1,990 square meters (half an acre) as of May 2008.
Wisteria by Sigrid Saradunn

I loved the sight 
of your blooms
falling over each other
covering the house I drove
by each spring.
I’d wonder,
how long would it take
to grow so huge a vine,
covering the house into 
the heavens.
Just amazing.
Mother Natures 
flower show.
And then,
and then…
Oh, my goodness,
I drove by and you
were no more.
Chopped to the ground 
by painters.
They couldn’t have
known what they

I loved the sight 
of your blooms
falling over each other
covering the house I drove
by each spring.
You are no more.
You were not
even mine 
I grieve your 
year ’round
as I drive by….
the house now 
bare and plain
the beauty shared
each May
(C)  May 27, 2012 Ellsworth, Maine, USA… Sigrid Saradunn



.the imaginary garden with real toads

Not 5-7-5 NaHaiWriMo Prompt: dice, decay, drain, dawn, down,

.(c) 2014 Saradunn



3 dicepricey dice thriller
play one’s in the center
children’s laughter
children’s up to any age
… dice game for all
rolling on river
high and fast roll the dice
river vultures drool

1 decay

winter road decay
beware sink holes and pot holes 
mechanics delight

roads winter wear
cars undersides salty rot
rims bend, tires tire

2 drain

spring prom gowns
couples have new dance moves
chaperons gutter minds

4 dawn

rooster announces 
daybreak peaks over distant hills
starts much to early

horizons first light 
pink yellow orange parfait
mother looks at clock

5 down

down sizing
bain of old age
dump man’s delight

down town
all dressed up ~ window shopping
stiletto heels tapping
back in the day, 
a young lady or a woman of any age, 
would dress up to go shopping…
white gloves and all. 
Hard to imagine how times have changed, 
but will always remember the sound 
of steel stiletto heels on the sidewalk


written for facebook page.

NaHaiWriMo facebook site encourages

other than the standard 5-7-5 haiku forms.

It is a place to  have fun, play creatively,

experiment, try something new, practice

writing haiku daily.

Not 5-7-5 NaHaiWriMo Prompt: Doll







“the treadmill hours” *

the dreaded day 


“what do people do 

on Sunday”

…. a sort of 

spin your wheels

kind of day

for me 

as a child 


early teen.


We didn’t

go to church

tho I knew 

people did every week.


the Sunday comics…

after Dad read 

the paper first.



had a plan 


Sunday meals

it seems….

I laugh now,

 but it was normal

back in the day.

For a few weeks 



it seemed 

like months

 in my memory,

baked chicken, 


yummy roast 


potatoes, carrots 

and onions


baked  together


brown and delish.




about what 

“other people” 

did on 

“treadmill hours Sundays”…


in my room,

or watching sports 

on tv with Dad

(we got a tv 

with rabbit ears

when I was 10

or 11.


At first I was bored, 

 but got to


the Milwaukee Braves,

Green Bay Packers 


professional bowlers tour 


might have been 

on Saturday…

so long ago 

it was).


Treadmill hours Sundays,

my first thought 

of  any Sunday

that I could remember 

a specific



Times changed.

I changed.


when I’m at a loss 

for what

to do

…like today…

I remember,


were always a puzzle 

for me…

wondering what is it 


others do,

and why 

are Sundays

 so important


what ever people DO 

on Sundays,…


 can’t they do it 

on Mondays,

or Tuesdays…



 of the week.




*The “treadmill hours” phrase is credited to

Hedgewitch at “Lifesentences” … it gave a name to those days

of wondering during my childhood of what DID

people do on Sundays.  Please read her post at:





“Think as I think,” said a man,

“or you are abominably wicked;

you are a toad.”

And after I thought of it, I said,

“I will, then, be a toad.” ~ Stephen Crane


You are among toads



“Mirror ~ Mirror”… for Real Toads



1962 High School Graduation photo…my mental mirror image
mirror oh mirror

who’s that old lady
in the glass ?
She seems at home
… friendly too.
Cat with a 
white Chaplin ‘stache
by her side…
she who said
“never will I be
an old lady
by cats”.
A strange person 
is looking out at me.
Short gray hair, 
no auburn curls in sight
Round and fluffy
not the younger slimmer
woman that used
to live here
back in the day
she left one day
and never
Cataracts now gone,
what a vision
of a stranger then,
a clearer vision
seen in the glass, 
mirror oh mirror…
of the stranger come 
to roost.
Can’t be ~ is be
a stranger in the house.
The eyes look the same
the stranger is missing
her fashion rims 
of blue or purple
how can that be.
mirror oh mirror,
the stranger in the glass
seems here to stay.
Don’t know when she
just all of a sudden
an old lady …
she tells me that middle
age is when you can 
multiply your age by two
and think you’ll still
The old lady in the glass
mirror oh mirror, 
says for me to forget
middle age…
it whizzed by unseen
in the mirror.
One hundred forty 
seems to be a bit
for a middle age 
to dream of.
Big Sigh.
Old lady in the glass,
mirror oh mirror,
speaks with 
of being
thirty five
in her 
heart of hearts
soul of souls.
September 22, 2012 at the Common Ground Fair



You are among toads
“Think as I think,” said a man,
“or you are abominably wicked; you are a toad.”
And after I thought of it,
I said, “I will, then, be a toad.” ~
Stephen Crane

Carpe Diem #437, Desire


.copyright 2014 Saradunn



spring green sighted
speck of yellow joined show
Primose teases
April second there was the first sighting 
of new growth in the garden.  There is 
still snow and ice on most of the garden
from last weekends weather and from
previous storms.  Longing for spring.


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