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Guest Post: Barbara Allen: Thankful


from Barbara Allan on Seize the Poem / facebook

with permission.


Please my friends in this group : (Seize the Poem)
Please share this poem .
There has been another beheading of another innocent journalist .
This poem was written from my heart for MR . Foley and his family.
Barbara Allen


Oh my God !
James Foley
An innocent
and good man .
So cruelly executed .
How this sickens
and infuriates me .
How my heart breaks
for his family . . . .
For him .
His young life lost .
Gone .
A kind and generous life .
Cut short with a brutal
and wicked end .
I pray for your warrior
spirit .
Your brave soul .
And I pray for your family
Barbara Allen



note:  9/2/2014   Isis also killed by beheading

Steven Sotloff, Journalist from Fla‏, whom I add to my prayers

with his friends and family. Siggi Saradunn

Tanka prompt: dealing with the vicissitudes, the problems of life … how old would you feel if you didn’t know how old your are ?



Kathabela Wilson wrote for the prompt:

We all know that life is challenging, changeable full of the unexpected and difficult. 

How do we deal with this? 

We’ve seen animals adapting to loss, and incapacity,

 and we all have such examples in our own lives and those we love. 

What are the ways of coping, confronting the natural and unnatural forces of life, 

the mishaps and the tragedies?

What have you observed,

 felt, what tangible examples

 of dealing with life’s challenges 

can you express in your tanka? 

How have you done this yourself? 

Sometimes we can help each other,

 but ultimately it is our own task and 

we are prey to the weaknesses of chemistry, 

environment and life itself.



MY RESPONSE: (I am 70 as I write this)


my mind says 

I’m in my twenties…

body says, “you wish’

mind says ok forty

body says get a walker



I find it is true … what “elderly” people

told me when I worked in a nursing facility.

If they didn’t have what ever problem required

them to be in a nursing facility,

they felt usually in their 30’s mentally.

At 70, I find it difficult to believe that I cannot

do, have the stamina to do what I did when I was

in my twenties, thirties, even older.  


Seize the Poem: Prompt: ‘Tropical Garden’ / part of me / vivid colours


tropical delights
Poinciana ~ Hibiscus trees
riot of color
landscaping the yard
eye-catching beauty

When I lived in Puerto Rico
it was amazing to be able to walk
out side and see the gorgeous Poinciana
and Hibiscus trees in bloom



TPOS tanka prompt: when we can’t talk

Aug 13 when we can't talk .  your bully move  no back bone for me  I know now my voice silenced by fear  found my voice ~ deaf to yours . copywrite free photo

copywrite free photo



Aug 13 when we can’t talk
your bully move
no back bone for me
I know now
my voice silenced by fear
found my voice ~ deaf to yours
It took one marriage to understand the relationship
of Jackie and Audrey on the Honeymooner’s.
I never had seen any couple remotely like them
in my life experience. 
When it came to my own marriage, I had to learn
to speak up, but it was too late for that marriage
to succeed.

TPOS tanka prompt: (moonglow) elegant dress

free use photo


TPOS prompt:
elegant dress (moonglow)
elegance and grace
moonlight glow
becomes you

Post 1400…Tanka Poets on Site prompt: #2 butterfly/moths/: Red Admiral Butterfly

photo:  Red Admiral butterfly;
Charlotte Rhodes Butterfly Park photo

Southwest Harbor, Maine, USA


prompt: butterfly
Monarchs on roses
flying flower to flower
joined by painted ladies
mourning cloaks ~ red admirals
Rhodes Butterfly Park

Charlotte Rhodes Butterfly Park  in Southwwest Harbor, Maine, USA

is a favorite place for me to visit… by myself, or with painters group

to paint plein aire.  

tanka prompt: (white cloud) elegant dress free image white peacock


prompt: elegant dress (white cloud)


white cloud
sparking powder-puff dress
like fine fireworks
dainty glowing
regal princess


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