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Monthly Archives: June 2011

I don’t know what kind of flowers these are…but they are gorgeous even from afar.

Tree or bush, don’t care…tall and gorgeous. Would love one for my yard.


The Process:

Portrait group/summer artists are back ☺.

Misplaced important papers folder/need NOW !

Folder/40 years/same place/irritating

Stacey/helpful/solved questions/title search

found notes for 6/29/2011

The Process:


Martha’s/writing group/can we go back? ☺

Elvis/Lucy/Carmen Miranda/adorn walls

food delicious/waitress accommodating/company fun

JD/Jayden/portraits complete/birthday gift
JD/21/amazing/ten years/here
Six Word Journal:  6/29/2011 below:


6/29/2011 Six Word Journal


Painting/joy/reverse mortgage/progressing slowly


Writing Group Met at Marttha’s to “Bond” during the summer break in meetings
A wonderful booklet of photos and memories of a photographer who spent many years with Elvis



The Process:


Martha’s/writing group/can we go back? ☺

Elvis/Lucy/Carmen Miranda/adorn walls
food delicious/waitress accommodating/company fun
JD/Jayden/portraits complete/birthday gift
JD/21/amazing/ten years/here
Six Word Journal  6/28/2011
Summer/Maine/vacationland/September soon here
Note:  At Martha’s the walls, shelves are decorated with memorabilia mainly of  “I love Lucy” and and “Elvis”…but there is more variety.  I chose the booth with the Elvis booklet on the shelf  beside the  booth and the views of him on the wall…thinking of my roommate, Julie, from Nurses training who loved and still adores Elvis.
My father did not allow Elvis music to be played, nor the records displayed in his F W Woolworth store in West Allis, Wisconsin, USA,  because of the movements Elvis  made with his hips when he sang !

The dock next to the library in Somesville, ME, USA …It was a perfect summer day.


Sunny/warm/black flies (sigh)/breeze

Vagabonds/paint/Somesville/finish duo portrait

Mackenzi (granddaughter)/Joplin/tornado /church mission

Everybody Eats/spaghetti pie/ salad/more

430 Bayside/music/house concert/wonderful



Six word Journal 6/27/2011

Relaxed/productive/supper/Bayside concert/Daphne.

                        Johnny Jump Up in the Side walk…                Survival against all odds

The Process:

I thought today I’d try something different…

maybe my brain was back to functioning and

able to create something new and innovative.

Not so, yet.

It’s been a while since my thinking pattern

was altered as a side effect of a medication.

The doctor assures me it isn’t dementia or


but the inability to grasp words on command

or have the huge mental pauses may last



I don’t want to bore myself or others

with the same old thing day after day.

For the few of you that read my six word


and leave kind messages,

I appreciate them more than you can know.

So for today, Six words it is:


Six Word Journal  6/26/2011

church/visitor/Maryanne/Chris/summer off

silence/tv/headphones/no port/returned

             Beautiful peony ( my mother called them Pee-OH-knees ) next door at the church.

The Process:.

Maine rain/water flows/no floods

Dakotas floods/Arizona fires/Texas drought

Tornadoes/floods/heat/drought/farmer’s foes


Six word Journal for 6/25/2011

Dad:  Weather/whether/wanted/or not



My dad grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and he was very philosophical about the weather and when one of use would

complain, he almost always say “You have you have weather whether you want it or not.”  And that was our signal to

“adjust” to what ever weather we were whining about.

The view from the library..."downtown" Somesville, the iconic bridge known around the world.


The process:

cold/rainy/paint/Someville/warm company

roof/rain comes in/checked/leaks

flowers pop out everywhere/earth/beautiful

tourists everywhere/camping/ocean-side/parks/Walmart


Six Word Journal for 6/24/2011

Warm company/earth beautiful/crows delightful.

Watercolor on Paper © Sigrid Saradunn


The process/the Journal Post for 6/23/2011  ☮  ♥.

Thursday/quiet/self imposed /need rest

— Poppies in the sunlight, my front yard.

Walkers and Canes

red ones, blue ones,
black ones,
wheels and brakes,
basket and seat,
all the comforts
to travel on foot
no wheels
with yellow tennis balls
to help you slide along;
a pocket for your snack
or book.
Paint them pretty colors..
a part of your
wardrobe when
walking gets
Who would have thought
it would come to this.
wood ones,
new and old ones;
one foot, two feet,
three and four feet.
Sticks and folding canes.
Some even have a seat for rest.
All the wonderful colors
of the artist’s palette:
pick your favorite
walk in style.
modern designs,
abstract and beyond,
cats, dogs, maps,
your hearts
to stay at home?
It’s called
“aging in place.”
Get used to it.
Start planning.
How canes & walkers
will look with your dress
and in your house..
Fashion is
Pick your style,
color and be free
to get your wish to
stay at home.
Where it’s quiet.
Eat when you want,
what you want.
Sleep when you want,
how long you want.
Peace and Quiet.
My wish for now.
Got my canes…
got my walker
with seat and basket…
brakes to slow my speeding☺.
Who’d a thought
I’d live like this?
Walker and cane,
Peace and quiet is my aim☺.

On Main Street, Ellsworth, Antique Auto with license plate “GROOVIN”.

Portrait Group: Break time and a discussion on an abstract painting.


The Process:

Portrait Group/Victoria/California girl/patient

Mary/daughter/Detroit/Sargentville/summer’s here !

Red convertable/Groovin’/mid life crisis ☺?☺.

Bob/checked roof/leaks/storms only☺.

Repair/important/damp/sleeping/first floor.


Six Word Journal  June 22/2011

Mary/Kit/summer icons/joyful reunion


It takes three workers to make a 3 inch  green line of paint beside my driveway. Hmmm.


The process:

Florescent road cones/three guys/one job

paving/a surprise/makes “speedway”/State Street

quiet street/long past/speeding cars

school zone/no longer/kids beware

Moore school/senior center/day care

writing group/lively/summer plans/food

Sylvia’s/lunch/Dunn’s corner/conversation noisy?

“lost” certificate/HA!/received/signed/faxed

busy day/ceiling vacuumed/paint ready


6/21/2011  Six Word Journal for the first day of summer

friends/summer day/joyful/creating memories


Memory note:

Today’s paving of the street in front of my house was much more orderly than one in back in the day…

many years past,  but sticks firmly in the book of memories…

every year the street would have the crosswalk in front of the house painted,

just as school let out and then again the week before Labor Day.

One year, the crosswalk was painted in the spring

and I felt good that the kids could cross over to the playground, basketball courts safely for the summer.

(Drivers seemed more courteous back then, actually stopping  for people waiting to use a crosswalk.☺.)

Then the NEXT DAY I heard what sounded to be a big truck in front of my house,

looked out and they were PAVING over the crosswalk painted the day before.

OF course, they had to come back and repaint the cross walk that had just been painted and then paved over !

Lack of communication…

Sigh.  My tax dollars at work !