I don’t know what kind of flowers these are…but they are gorgeous even from afar.

Tree or bush, don’t care…tall and gorgeous. Would love one for my yard.


The Process:

Portrait group/summer artists are back ☺.

Misplaced important papers folder/need NOW !

Folder/40 years/same place/irritating

Stacey/helpful/solved questions/title search

found notes for 6/29/2011

The Process:


Martha’s/writing group/can we go back? ☺

Elvis/Lucy/Carmen Miranda/adorn walls

food delicious/waitress accommodating/company fun

JD/Jayden/portraits complete/birthday gift
JD/21/amazing/ten years/here
Six Word Journal:  6/29/2011 below:


6/29/2011 Six Word Journal


Painting/joy/reverse mortgage/progressing slowly