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Daily Archives: July 2, 2011

When I was young, I could never figure out how my aunt and others could see a four leaf clover in the grass. My vision, after cataract surgery is so clear…I now realize how it can be done…just haven’t found one yet !


Day 02  Something I like about myself.

One of my short comings is liking things about myself but here goes:

**  I can keep a secret

**  I am a hard worker

**  My reputation for working with the elderly is remarkable

**  My co-workers, CNA students have given me positive feedback about what I taught them

**  I am a good advocate for the abused of any age

**  My sense of humor is unique.

** Artistic endeavors have had positive reviews from peers.

** Photography is a love that I excel in

**  My children turned out wonderful despite me !  I was a working mother and missed out giving them a       lot of experiences others treasure because I hadn’t experienced them, so was clueless as how to be a           fun mother.


Across from the library in Somesville, Maine. I love the fence as it gracefully lines the road and the table and chairs by the bar-b-que for outside meals. Heaven.

John paints “my” favorite house across from the library


There is a beautiful view out those windows…we are so bless to have this room to paint in.The view straight ahead from the left set of windows in the library.


The Mill Pond and beyond…view out the right windows taken from outside beside the building.The Mill Pond next to the library that can be seen from the room where we paint.Iconic view, the Mill Pond, and a lovely relfection.


Sunny/warm/breezes/summer friends here

Painting/oceanside/summer sounds/lawn mower

Compatible companions/joyful conversations/catching up

Memories/made/summer joy/winter remembrances


Six word Journal: 1 July 2011

Joyful reunions/summer companions/blissful day

What I dislike about myself:

**  Wasted years, wasted time, worrying about what others thought or would think of me if I spoke MY                Truth as I saw it, believed it.

**  Panic attacks/depression…not being stronger fighting it

**  Agoraphobia … they call it “emerging” but it is a daily struggle

**  Getting to realize I have to think of myself as “elderly” in terms of what I can or cannot do.

**  Being dependent on others for some things

**  Being dependent on canes, walker or wheelchair at times due to inability to walk far/danger of falling

**  Mental pauses

**  Disorganized

**  Being a late bloomer on simple things in life.

**  Wasted years, wasted time, worrying about what others thought or would think of me if I spoke MY                Truth as I saw it, believed it.  Deserves a second post.