When I was young, I could never figure out how my aunt and others could see a four leaf clover in the grass. My vision, after cataract surgery is so clear…I now realize how it can be done…just haven’t found one yet !


Day 02  Something I like about myself.

One of my short comings is liking things about myself but here goes:

**  I can keep a secret

**  I am a hard worker

**  My reputation for working with the elderly is remarkable

**  My co-workers, CNA students have given me positive feedback about what I taught them

**  I am a good advocate for the abused of any age

**  My sense of humor is unique.

** Artistic endeavors have had positive reviews from peers.

** Photography is a love that I excel in

**  My children turned out wonderful despite me !  I was a working mother and missed out giving them a       lot of experiences others treasure because I hadn’t experienced them, so was clueless as how to be a           fun mother.