Day 05 – Something you hope to do in your life.
I hope to remain independent and live in my own house for many years.
Longevity for women runs on both sides of my family and I expect to live many
more years.
I have paintings to paint, things to write.  Want/vs need lots of time and quiet surroundings.
Life is just too busy
  • There are places I’ve been, like the Keeper’s House B+B on at the Robinson Point Light house at Isle Au Haut, Maine..twice.
            No electricity, no phones, cell phones won’t work, like back in the day; Natures sounds are enough for ambient sounds.
            And just a few rattletrap cars on rough roads. It’s a small island, but has a portion of the Acadia National Park to hike and
            look at the views.  A garden for veggies, chickens for eggs.  A quaint indoor bathroom, with a beautiful outhouse with views 
            for the men and the women.  One cabin had an out door shower.
  • Eagle Island, owned by the Quinn’s.  What a trip back in time….a boarding house type house, with lovely rooms 
          that again look like a trip back in the day….indoor bathroom and out house; much of the food grown right there.
         The only way to get there is the mail boat…and back to the mainland…postal holiday…plan to stay another day unless the
         captain is heading to the mainland for some reason☺.
These luxurious accommodations/won’t be available to my budget now…but I’m sure I can find places of serenity that
will calm my soul.