Someone who has made your life worth living for.
My children and grandchildren keep me inspired
and looking to the future.
Over the years,
it has been these wonderful people who have kept me
feeling loved and wanting to forge ahead and improve.
But it takes a community of people,
actually a world community of people that have
inspired me lately when I really hit the dumps.
They didn’t know it,
but knowing they were there,
that someone would have sent an email or message or joke.
I just had to reach out and people were there.
My children and grandchildren are now all out of state,
but I can find them and chat with them
and not feel alone.
They inspire me to keep active and artsy fartsy.
As do my friends, … an inclusive group of church, painting, writing, facebook,
blogging, work/students, and on and on.
I have been lucky enough to start touching base with people
I thought I’d never hear from again from grade school,
nursing school and my first marriage.
And family !  How can I forget the long lost cousins
that one led to another…
There were reasons we lost contact…our parents.
And the odd thing is, we are sort of…
my name for us…black sheep …because we didn’t toe the line.
Our parents didn’t get along, that’s a different time and post,
For years I taught the importance of community
for the elderly, to keep them inspired and feeling useful.
For everyone to have friends of all ages,
not just peers that are the same age…
Life is dfficult, sad, complicated, it is bitter-sweet at times,
but life is good always.