Day 12 –30 Days of Truth …Something you never get compliments on. 

For good reason, cooking.
I went on strike the summer of 1978.
The kids didn’t eat anything I made…
even if they requested it.
I was tired of having to eat the same left overs for two or three days
because they decided to eat at a friends house,
snacked too much
or took an  “afternoon nap” like a zombie til the next day
I think it was three days of something I’d gotten so tired of,
that I told them,
I’d buy the food if they told me what they wanted….
they’d have to learn how to cook it for themselves.
It was during this time I met hubby number 2
and told him he was invited to supper,
but if he stayed,
he’d have to cook it himself !
It turns out,
that H#2 learned he liked to cook…
and was/is good at it…
at first there was enough for a small army,
but soon, after we married
and had a budget,
he learned to cook in exact proportions
for what ever number of servings he wanted to make.  
That was 1979.  
We were divorced in 2003.
Now I am by myself,
and no one calls to ask how to make something
…they call HIM, hubby # 2.  
My daughter does not remember when I could cook !
She once called up and asked to speak to her dad,
and I heard “400 degrees, one hour”.  
I got back on the phone
and asked why she didn’t ask me the temp and time for the meal,
and she said  “you don’t know how to cook ! “
Even if I cook a good meal…it’s considered a fluke.  
So therefore, I never get compliments on cooking. ☺.