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Daily Archives: July 14, 2011

In Need of Curb Appeal, Blue Hill, Maine


The Process

Portrait group/teenager/pretty/well mannered

toured Blue Hill/photos/favorite places

Walmart/Patty /CNA student/long ago

Patty/funny/caring/excellant nurse/talkative

Sabrina/sent poem/wow/never expected


Six Word Journal

Reunion/Patty/worker bee/Sabrina too

(Patty Bruenn showed me that she carries the CNA pin I gave her in 1984 pinned inside her wallet. ☺.)



30 Days of  Truth…

Day 13 – A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)
I thought and thought about this, and when I was first married, I joined my husband in Japan
and we lived off base.  There is one tape that I played over and over to keep my spirits up
so far away from home.
Dear Trini Lopez,
Way back in 1965 thru 1967 I lived in Japan, and my husband worked shifts as the military do.
Often I played  your tape, La Bamba, because it was energetic and happy…I played it as loud as
the sound would go some days…the Japanese neighbors…and the houses were VERY close,
must have wondered what was going on !  But no one complained…they understand Spanish,
and they love happy music….the neighbors favorite tune to play on  his electric guitar…and it
sounded like it was right in my house, was “Wipe Out!”.
When we moved to San Juan, you were entertaining in 1971 … on my birthday !  My parents were 
visiting due to the fact I’d just had a baby girl a couple of weeks before.  They wanted to go to the
casinos, and so I never got to hear you live, but I still play the tape…a replacement tape, the other wore
out, and it is always music that energizes me when I am blue. or depressed.
☮♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine

My Ten Letter Alphabet

by Brina DeBeck on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 1:15pm

L is for love.  I have been swaddled by love since my birth.  My understanding of love has been expanded from the love being given by family to the action of me loving them.  As well as the expansion of not just loving beings, but towards the actions to be able to do anything my love desires.

M is for media.  It is the media that has been conceived by people as art.  It has shaped everything as we know it and at the same moment shaping media we desire.  As it influences our work, our livelihood, even now as I write.  There is heavy sound blaring from my headphones into the silence of the desolated room.

N is my Nana.  She has showed me that there is more to life then violence, hate, television, money, amongst other things.  She has showed me that we have a need for ourselves to achieve greatness.  We need to have the sense of self accomplishment.

O is for over thinking.  In the sense of, I am over thinking this poem.  People are stressing over the little things because of over thinking.  Why must it always boil down to thinking too much?  Why is it the cause of stress, depression and hate?  Why did I do that? Why did they say that?  Why is this the way it is?

P is my Papa.  He has always been there stepping in whenever I have lost my way.  When it has appeared in my life that no one was really there listening to my cries of help, Papa helped in my time of need.  Papa was there when I have been lost in hindsight when I have been between two forces that never agree.

Q is the Queen I will be.  Everything I will become will have others look at me in admiration.  I will have nothing less.

R is the 18 blue roses that hang from my ceiling to be cherished forever.  What I have received on my birthday means more to me then any sort of worldly possession I may have received or may receive.  It is silly to me to just think of them as just roses.  Having someone go out of their way to learn about you, be with you, love you is very precious.

S is how simple everything is.  Like how simple my love is for him.  There are no strings attached.  I don’t view it as me going out of my way to stay faithful to him.  My love is so deep I would simply do anything to be with him again.

T is the time that has passed between the beginnings of this poem.  How much time has changed my thoughts between then and now.  How much longer can I go with this poem?  But, time is not just restricted to this poem.  Everything has changed with time.  But, that is not the point of this poem.

U is the understatement of this poem.  Of how I truly feel about the world, love, family, and everything else I could ever think of.  What I feel towards things is horribly understated and always will till the very bitter end.