30 Day Challenge:  What do you think of Politics or what do you think of religion?


Why would anyone go into politics?

There is no privacy, no room for error in one’s life from early on.

There is no room for forgiveness in anything in one’s past.

I don’t understand why anyone would subject themselves to the name calling,

and trashing of one’s reputation.

Once one is elected, I believe there is too much pressure from special interest groups that

may have donated to your fund.  People expect to be paid back for helping get you elected.

And, there’s always a group that disagrees with every opinion on every issue.


Religion is an easier topic.

I think people need to seek others that share the same belief system and the style to which it is celebrated.  My belief is that most of the religions have the same core beliefs similar to the golden rule and the ten commandments, expressed in different terms, but they are the same.

It is important to me, that people do their best to live their beliefs every day to the best of their ability.

No one is perfect, but I believe that it is necessary to do one’s best they can on any given day.  That’s all we can really expect, is that everyone do the best they can to live up to the Golden Rule and strive to care for all life on earth.

I do not believe in physical punishment for children.

I believe that words hurt just as much as physical assault.

And I believe that people need to speak up and defend children, adults, and animals where cruelty is a potential , known or suspected to be happening.   It is not easy to do in a way that is non-accusatory until the facts are known.

Any form of abuse or assault is not to be tolerated and it is ones duty to defend the defenseless.

It is important for me to know that people are trying to learn to speak up and defend the defenseless.    It is a difficult thing to do if one has been abused themselves, but compassion for others is important.

There are many fine people out in the world quietly going about their lives, practicing and preaching by example.