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Daily Archives: July 26, 2011

30 Days of  Truth…

Day 26 – The reason you believe you’re still alive today.


I got confused yesterday…so am doing yesterday’s question today.


The reason I think I  am still alive today after several serious illnesses, an accident with a fire truck and who knows what I’m forgetting,  is that my mother instilled in me a strong power of … her words…
“Think Christian Science like Aunt Jennie”.  Now the irony of her having emergency surgery for an infected appendix  when she was 18 and she didn’t accept the Christian Science faith until the next year, didn’t phase my mother.

I did believe that there was a connection to a belief in wellness. After I had hepatitis and the accident with the fire truck, I did visualization and listened to Bernie Seigel and Joan Borysenko tapes, along with other wellness studies and worked with a wholistic healer, Paul Weiss, of the Whole Health Center, in Town Hill, Maine, who studies in China.  I also believe I have a mission on earth and that is why I have survived. And I expect to survive until a ripe old age of 100 or older, like many of my female forbearers.


Monday tradition: Everybody Eats. Even the teens stop by on the way to or from skateboarding for a treat and something to drink. A community event.


There's also bakery bread and cheese; ice water, iced tea, coffee, home made desserts. Making friends, meeting friends for a meal. Good conversation. Sometimes someone sings or plays the guitar or piano.


The process:

Artists Paint/Somesville Library/finished painting

tourists curious/peek in/historic building

sunny/cooler/ hoo-ray/summer delight

Everybody Eats/good meal/good company

Two George’s/writer’s/two new friends


Six word Journal:

summer delight/Everybody  Eats/new friends


In the field by WalMart, Smokey's Greater Shows is set up ...a summer tradition.

The Process:

Heat sickness/forecast better/coming week

Borders pilgrimage/closing/sadness/times sign

plein aire/study/Ida’s/Alzheimer’s center; Robert and Mary’s
at Meadowview


Six Word Journal:

Border’s pilgrimage/plein aire/ Alzheimer’s Day Care