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Daily Archives: July 31, 2011

from Saturday Centus, 7/30/2011


Egg fried on sidewalk


THAT’s hot.

And hot it is.

Ground is dry.

Cattle look for food and water.

Little kids look for swimming holes.

Hurricane Don,

a disappointment,

was thought of as a welcome sight.

City dwellers bake

as asphalt absorbs the heat,

Air conditioners a premium

…it’s lets go for a walk at the mall,

the parks too hot !

Dog days yet to come.

Dad said:

“We have to have weather

weather we want it or not.”

I think of Dad when

the weather’s rainy

icy cold, or

hot enough to fry an

egg on the side walk.



Beautiful blooms…all on the same bush…only one bush was planted in this spot.


The process:

Getting old is really chicken poop.

Left knee/arthritis/pain/beyond words.

G./measured for new stove hood/burners

that’s it folks/rested/walker/canes

Heroines/all invalids:/Patty/Elizabeth/Chelsey

Heroines/three generations/three women of faith


Six word Journal:

Life/still good/others worse off


High tide, Trenton, Maine, USA


Out going tide…same spot, same day. Trenton, Maine, USA


The Tide Marks Time

The ebb and flow of the tide
marks the time of the people on the coast of Maine.
We track our lives by it.
Go to work by it
or plan our activities by it.
High tide, low tide
affects the activities
of young and old.
High tide,
not good for  swimming for the very young,
looking for shells,
or clammin’…
High tide, in a storm
can flood a road or causeway, remove docks,
and bridges, stop traffic in it’s tracks.
Also at high tide,
the big ships come in,
and go out,
the scenery changes right up to the shore.
Low tide,
the best for little kids at the beach,
looking for shells, rocks
and sea creatures left behind.
One might even find a shiny bit of
sea glass smoothed by the ocean
and traveled from a far.
The clammers and worm diggers
are out workin’ hard.
Seaweed is gathered for food,
the garden and other uses
off the rocky coast of Maine.
Time is money
and time is ruled by the tide.
So is life at home
ruled by the tide…
dad’s at work
by the ebb and flow of the tide.
The ebb and flow of the tide
marks the time of the people on the coast of Maine.


Six word Saturday Blog

Getting old is really chicken poop.


The process:

Not used to slowing down…

arthritis struck my left knee

before the every six month injection

took effect…

…I’m not a wuss,

so when I complain,

it makes me angry that it is so bad

I can’t keep my mouth shut.

I do think that this is why

the snake oil man got rich…

I’ll bet people back in the day

would do anything

to get rid of the pain.

I had places to go and things to do !

Will have to think a a new defense in six