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I was foggy when we got to our destination to paint plein aire today...but the home we were at had a lovely garden and landscaping. Eventually the weather cleared and the sun came out.

A small part of the garden.

One of my favorite plants today.


The process:

foggy/go paint anyway/Bayside Road

garden lush/landscaping impecible/view foggy

fog lifted/view Blue Hill Mountain/breathtaking

sun arrived/birds fed/glorious day


Six Word Journal:

plein aire/garden lush/glorious day


1. Vow renewal ceremonies-yay or nay?
People have different reasons for the services...
I lived in fear of someone asking me and my husband to be a part of a group ceremony...
no one knew I had plans for a divorce and "everyone" thought we were "so happy". 
Some couples have the ceremony because they were young and impulsive or expecting and it
was the "right thing to do".  Others like ceremonies, it seems.  It's ok with me...what
ever someone wants to do.

2. What sound/s annoy you the most?
The vacuum cleaner.  Cartoons on tv.  Cars with music so loud the windows in my house
vibrate.  Soprano Saxophone.

3. If you had to pick, would you have only all boys, or only all girls for kids?
I had one of each, that is what I wanted.  The boy was supposed to be older and protect
his sister but they fought like cats and dogs.  
I don't have a preference for either.  Healthy is good enough, but not always possible.

4. Do you believe in alternative medicine?
Yes, in combination with traditional medicine.  
Alternative medications and treatments should be a part of the traditional medical chart.
I've had great success with the two in combination.
5. Would you take a family member's children and raise them if they needed it?
Yes.  I am older, but I realize that sometimes that is the cards that life throws you.
I have several friends that have done this...and it is working out fine.  
The parents are tired and the children are thriving.

I spotted this beautiful window box driving home today..


The Process:

lazy/summer day/sunny/hot/relaxing

Brown’s Appliance/bit bullet/pricing stoves

stove/not working/old/since January

What? you don’t cook? don’t eat?

Managed/electric teapot/microwave/electric frypan !

Saw Chelsea/heroine/paralyzed/go getter

Chelsea/birthday/inspiring/ballet camp counsellor


Six Word Journal:

Chelsea/ballerina/not griping/my inspiration



A birthday card with $2 bills...I know the signature well, a thank you note from the same person, tho she saw me at work almost daily. And Stacey's letter to the tooth fairy, precious and saved ... Son, Bret, wrote he needed to borrow $10 and "would never ask to borrow money again" ...and he must have just been in junior high. More precious, his note asking me to get him a certain cliff note book by "Bill Shakespeare".




Letter writing is becoming

a lost art..

I have letters my mother saved

from when she was a young woman…

even a post card,

from an unknown to me,


Letters of condolence when

my younger sister died

when I was just three

making her month long

life real to me

and wondering

“what if”

she’d lived.


It’s a treasure

to find long forgotten letters,

the cursive writing of my father

and mother…

even grandparents,

and other family members;

seeing my own printing

when first learning in


and those of my children,

and grandchildren,

….scarce now

that the computer,



and texting

have taken over.

I’ve heard that some schools

even eliminated cursive classes

because it is now not needed…



lost art.


It took me a while to form a definitive answer to this…

As a teenager, I would have been mortified and left home…I would not have been welcome

due to disgracing the family…that was plainly spoken as a given and a terrifying thought.

I would look at other families, that got over the shock, made some plans together, but the girl

that was pregnant was still loved and accepted as a member of the family.

When I was in nursing school, there was a lady patient in the psych hospital that totally lost all reality when she became pregnant and had an abortion…it was so sad.  She could not accept the pregnancy happened, nor that she had an abortion.  That memory of caring for her has stayed with me all these years.


When I was of child bearing age, I new that I would not have an abortion…I felt that I never could get over it if I did.  But my thoughts were still base on feelings, not facts as I understood them.


As the years went on, first I decided that there were not illegitimate children,  if anyone would be illegitimate, it would be the parents.  The stigma of being called illegitimate seemed wrong and hateful and harming to a child, who wouldn’t understand what the meaning was of the word, just that it reflected bad on them, even tho all they did was be born.


There came a time, when I believed that medically and spiritually, when a child is conceived it is a living spirit.  And as years go on, earlier and earlier the new monitors show heart beats, body language, and signs that this is a living spirit…even if it is not viable outside the mother’s body.


Therefore, I believe that if I were of child bearing age, I would at the least carry the baby to term.  The later decision that is more heart wrenching is whether to give the baby to another woman who has the means to care for it financially…or struggle to keep the baby and raise it myself.





What’s the best thing going for you right now?

The best thing I have going for me is old age and experience.

My life experience has helped me form my views and opinons with fact and not guessing.  This 30 days has revealed a couple of things that I need to be able to express more fully in words and not just be in my mind.

I learned that it is an easier to life a life that is based on my values and not what someone else tells me they should be.  There will always be ethical questions to ponder and work thru, but the best thing going for me is that I have a basis in Theological Reflection, learned in an EFM (Education for Ministry) course to help me determine my values and to live by them.


Portrait group...summertime we get the kids on vacation...often many years in a row and we get to see them grow up into adulthood.


February 2011 portrait of one of the writer's was in an exhibit at the library in Blue Hill, ME. Picked it up today to deliver it to him. Older people, people with life's living worn into their features are usually easier to paint than young people with their smooth skin and not a wrinkle or crease to be found ! .


The process:

Portrait group/summer group/good model

Exhibit paintings/hospital up/library down



six green beans/tasty/tomatoes starting



Old time summer/sunny warm joyful