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Daily Archives: August 2, 2011

A blue heron sentry duty. Sorrento, Maine


Plein Air painting/Sorrento/town dock

sunny/tide coming in/breeze/beautiful day

Everybody eats/good meal/good company

Pain/ right knee/lessening/tomorrow better

Lightening/thunder/Bianca hid/rain needed

garden/many green beans/one cucumber


Wonderful day/great meal/needed rain




Ellsworth City Hall dome, lit up at just before sunset


Six Word Journal

Arthritis/pain severe/stoic no more


PS..on Friday I’d had the injections (Synvest 1) in both knees..and the pain will disappear soon…

Aleve and Ben Gay my friends right now. ¬†Walking is limited, but my house is small…but that is

my day today…sorry it is so gloomy.