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Daily Archives: August 6, 2011

Once upon a time
Life was simple, plain, sublime.
Now it is not, sigh.

dVerse poetics-
Giorgio de Chirico
Artists paint 
to their own muse.

the mind obsessed 
by visions 
only to them
or imagined
where others
fear to 
What sights of Paris
in the company 
of one so great
twirled thru your mind
and palette
that only another artist 
or your heart
and soul
would understand.
Your street scenes 
strike my fancy. 
The choice of 
objects that connected
to your thoughts,
that makes sense to me,
because you used 
your gut,
your instincts
to paint what amused
not the common folk.
and fanciful
of places no man
will ever go…
why do people 
places in the mind
that they 
will never know.
paint to their own
and places 
to the everyday


No longer a patient person, Sigh.


I know waiting when dealing with a government agency is wait and then wait some more.

What got me duped is being told “this should move quickly, now” twice.

Two weeks ago.

Then a week ago.

No comment this Friday.

My solution to decision making.

The hold up is someone unable to make a yes or no decision on my roof.

They don’t know what an”ice dam” on the roof is since they are in the south

(it’s when the snow on the roof melts and gets under the shingles,

freezes/thaws and some times causes a leak inside).

Call heads or tail on a coin toss.

If you are disappointed with the outcome,

you wanted the opposite decision.

Decision made on “gut” feeling.

(Thanks, Dad.  It’s come in handy often

when at a fork in the road of life.)

Plein aire painting in Lamoine


Tides out, clammers hard at work


The house is up high with a gorgeous view and beautiful landscaping.


The Process:

sunny/warm/plein aire/Joan’s/wonderful

many artists/many choices/incoming tide

a day that warmed the soul

a day the muses visited everyone


A day that warmed the soul


PS…My condolences to my friend Jennifer (Jfef).  Her sister, Jeanette, died today,

leaving a 5 year old son.

Jfef’s sister, Julie, died a couple of years ago…I haven’t been in her shoes. It must be so heart

wrenching to have your younger sisters die so young.  Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Jfef.