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Daily Archives: August 11, 2011

Just off Oak Street...a beautiful pink hygrangea


The Process:

Portrait group/Victoria/Ukrainian beauty/graceful

the loan/stupid question/faxed answer

driver’s license/POB/not street address

Stacey called/plans for Brina/arrival

Brina/called/pick up/Boston/Monday

Brina/last final/Monday/wants OUT ☺.


Six Word Journal:

Summer ending/Brina leaving/lives changing.



The view from Jane's drivewayJane's outhouse...for a future painting, the reason for the trip to Lamoine,


The old outhouse..for a future painting....the reason for my trip to Jane's in Lamoine...


The writers' group had lunch at Sylvia's in Ellsworth, Maine. I'd not remembered seeing this clock before.


The Process

writers five/lunch/Sylvia’s/pies awesome

trip/Lamoine/Jane’s/photos/old outhouse

hot/raining/cold front/brings relief

people in South/West/still suffer

heat/unrelenting/hundred plus rule

Stacey called/while eating/I goofed

my humor/missed boat/apology accepted


Cooler weather/on way/’bout time




Day 02- Something that inspires you

The sea coast

along the rocky seacoast of 

Downeast Maine, 

and the beauty that is all around

each season of the year

has its beauty.


the sun shining thru turquoise ice

on the granite rocks,

the snow on the shore,

as the tide ebbs and flows,

and the sun shines thru

to show the glorious.


the lime green buds of new life,

along the shore 

peaking thru

pink and gray granite

carved and tossed on the shore

in past ages.



clammers with there hods and hoes,

working hard and fast to beat the tides,

seaweed on the huge boulders

carved, broken, left during times 

gone long before us.



melancholy as the life of summer 

runs it’s cycle,

the sun warming the granite

we love to sit upon seeing

beauty in dying,

and the earth and sea,

preparing  to sleep



spring starts the cycle

of renewed faith in 

life along the 


sea coast of 

Downeast Maine.




I’m excited
there’s a new word 
for me to use..
I like the way 
quoz” looks on the page,
and also how it sounds
on my lips.
The problem now
is how do I work 
into my natural vocabulary?
Almost half a century
it was words like 
that sent student nurses
reeling in laughter
hell bent on saying the 
when ever possible
to see the reaction.
…an absurd person 
or thing.
Maybe it’s a 
self defining word.
Quoz may be me.