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Daily Archives: August 12, 2011

Day 03- The five songs you would have with you on a desert island and why

1.  Elvis:  “Blue Moon”…love this song…or “Can’t help falling in love with you”…

     play the Elvis 50 Greatest Hits when in the hospital having a long scan done…

2. Jimmy Buffett:  Pina Colada” song  

3.  Kingston Trio  “Scotch and Soda”…an all time favorite from high school…

    I don’t drink anymore, but just love the sad and lonely sound to it

4.  Johnny Mathis:  “Chances Are”…just love the song

5.  Trini Lopez…La Bamba…would get me up and moving around…

     can’t be sad and blue and sit still with that playing.

Five is really not enough, there are so many songs that get my feet a tapping…

but these are the first five that came to mind.

There wasn’t room for “Big Bad LeRoy Brown” or any Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash; 

Rod Stewart, Bruce Springsteen, the music of Woodstock….my list is endless it seems.  

You might tell my roots are in the 50’s and 60’s, but my likes aren’t just back in the day.  

I like Steel drum music, relaxation music..  Meditative music from Taize services in France.

Inspirational music from the Epsicopal Cursillo/Ultreas, 

“Faery Rings” especially side two…by Mike Rowland .

I like the music of New Orleans, zazz, rhythm and blues, Country Western, big bands,  

Irish Drinking songs,  Celtic music, pick a decade, I seem to be able to find music 

to enjoy.




Shoe Tree

As a teenager,
my son would have thought
a shoe tree is where his sports shoes
grew/came from…
soccer, basketball, baseball,
whatever the season.
it seemed like every few weeks,
“Mom !  My shoes are too small ! “
“Mom !  I’ve worn my shoes out ! “
And on inspection,
indeed he needed the shoe tree fairy”
(I wish now, I’d thought to  have him
put his shoes under his pillow…
that would have been a hoot.)
Back in the day,
shoes were cleaned, and polished,
and cared for… 
including the use of a shoe tree
shoes weren’t disposable..
.expected to be worn for a long, long time.
The shoe tree was put inside the shoe
to keep the shape of the shoe
…to help keep the brand new look
and feel…no moisure would linger there.
TMI I feel, so I won’t go into cedar,
wood or plastic,
handle or no handle,
The well dressed man or woman would
not be without their favorite trees.
So did I tell you, 
I don’t think that the trees were made
so big,
to fill the shoes
of a young man known as “Canoe”…
in case of a flood 
one of his shoes could save a crew
of three.

That the ages of man, women, children, repeat themselves, terrify. 
 that no matter what the century, the ages of ones life identify.
 It’s the worse of times, it’s the end of the human race, is the cry,
 as the scholars gather and try to organize, notate and identify.
The teenagers are going to hell, the throngs of parents and preachers speechify.
Teachers, physicians elders say they can thru the ages they know and identify.
 At the point of no return, the adults find that they can exemplify,
 the growth of virtues, ethics, moral compass that all can identify.
Elders look back, see the ages repeat themselves, as men and women magnify:
the world has changed SIGnificantly, making sure it is something we identify.