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Daily Archives: August 15, 2011




Grandddaughter Sabrina has finished her first year of art school in Boston…

thru the worst winter and hottest summer !  She is moving to New Bedford,  Texas, where her

Mom and sister Mackenzi moved last summer with two of the cats, Baby and KiKi.  The third cat,

Lucy, stayed in Maine with Papa.


It will be a big change for me…and Bianca, my cat.

My son, his wife, and two daughters live in Aurora, Colorado, .on the outskirts of Denver….                  oops forgot the grandpuppy, a golden named Harley.


Her Papa and I will be driving down to get her and her belongings in a huge rented Tahoe….I think it is called.   Moving Day in pouring rain…Murphy’s Law !



I am thankful for

my children and grandchildren
I am thankful for the sun, and nice weather, 
  • the economy of this county depends on the tourist to have nice weather for outdoor activities
I am thankful for a nice house and a place to stay as I age in place
I am thankful for my cat Bianca, who is company for me, so I am not alone
I am thankful for those who help me when I can’t do something safely