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Daily Archives: August 17, 2011

To See or not to See

I always thought
my sight was good…
not excellent, but as good
as anyone’s.
There was a question
in my mind, 
even with glasses,
how someone could
see birds in the trees,
deer in the forest,
four leaf clovers,
figured it was just me
and it was just an occasional 
life got irritating.
Lights weren’t bright enough,
why didn’t the people at
my daughter’s new apt
make the driveway more 
And eventually,
I couldn’t get my sunglasses
clean enough….
and threw them across the car
never to wear them again.
I went to the eye doctor.
New glasses would take 
care of the problem.
This was after 
I kept going by my daughter’s
driveway and one granddaughter said
“let me out here, I can walk back”
after three passes and missing each time.
The younger had a friend in the car
and as we got up to the entrance to 
the apartment complex,
she turned to her friend and said,
“Don’t worry, Nana’s blind ! “
(made sense to them !).
Like looking thru waxed paper was the
not new glasses.
In three weeks,
a miracle.
“blind as a bat”.
“I can see clearly now !”
WoW !


in my heart of hearts 
a song remains hidden there 
whispering of love 




30 Days of Inspiration

Day 05- A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life


Dear Beth,

Thank you, Beth,

short in stature,

tall in courage.

A dwarf,

a few days younger than me,

now gone,

but not forgotten.


You taught me about loyalty

and letting people know

who you are and what you

stand for.

Your bust of JFK was

a clue the moment

I entered your home ☺.


Your sense of humor about life

and having fun and acceptance

of circumstances of your birth…

I remember you telling me,

“I taught kindergarten,

we were the same size…”

and laughed !


I cannot imagine still having humor

after an accident left you without

your legs and wheelchair bound,

but you continued your selfless

cheerleading those around you

to persevere by example.

Your faith in Jesus,

the Holy Spirit,


and your fellow man

never seemed to waiver.


You loved your family

more than words could say.

So proud you were of their


large and small.


Fighting for what was right when

circumstances turned against

you and someone you trusted

tried controlling your fate,

was awe inspiring.

Short in stature,

tall in inner strength.


Beth you are.

now an angel, I’m sure.

you taught me to do what it takes,

to live life to the fullest,

no matter what it takes,

no matter what anyone else



You taught me

by example,

what a woman of

courage and faith

looks like.


I miss you.

Think of you often,

Quote you endlessly.


Peace and love,




When I was Young

When I was young,
how narrow minded 
the world then seemed then
and now.
In just about everything
in my world,
it was a black and white world,
looking back.
I couldn’t understand how
people couldn’t just like and
enjoy each other
and find the contrasts interesting,
not dividing.
There was a right and wrong
“side of the tracks”
that I didn’t understand.
The tracks of contrast existed 
in school,
white and blue collar jobs
and how we dressed
who we married
and raised our children.
There was a right and wrong morality,
but it wasn’t about 
right and wrong morals,
but contrasts in beliefs,
as to who to socialize with,
we could/should marry,
where we should live
and work,
buy our clothes…
basically where to shop
for everything
on our side of the tracks.
The contrasts between 
the neighborhoods,
where their ancestors
came from,
stood large in some peoples
There seemed to be a contrast
everywhere that was judged
as right or wrong.
My parents were a city mouse
and country mouse.
Fine china, so thin you could see thru it,
a must for my mother,
and silverware, not tableware 
of stainless steel.
Fine crystal glasses to drink from
were a must.
A white cup was a white cup to
my father.
Dishes were dishes,
glasses could be jelly jars
as far as he was concerned.
The forks, knives and spoons
were for function, not beauty….
except that the steak knives, butcher knives
must be kept sharp and cut with ease.
Function versus form.
The city mouse family, 
one’s ancestors came over on the Mayflower,
(married to an immigrant from the
“right old country”).
They loved fine china,
crystal chandeliers,
oriental rugs and fine furniture,
of excellent quality.
There’s nothing wrong with that. 
The country mouse family
came over on a boat
from the same “old country”
(different from that 
of the city mouse’s parent)
to find a better life.
They met in a small mid-west town,
and married and raised a family,
that turned out businessmen,
teachers, farm workers.
Hard workers.
But they were “first generation”
versus “from the beginning”
at Plymouth Rock. 
Is there anything wrong with that?
There were other contrasts,
as I could go on and on,
but as a young child,
contrasts puzzled me…
I found them interesting,
wanting to know why 
they did what they did,
ate what they ate,
wore what they wore,
and why their homes were so 
Others found these things
reasons to disagree
and to ignore and stay
away from.
Made me who I am today.
Some people call me a “hippie”…
or “the black sheep.”
I think that’s good.
A blend of contrasts,
forms a third contrast.
A blend.
When I was young
I wondered why all the fuss
in the differences I saw.
When I was young,
how narrow minded
the world seemed then
and now.