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Daily Archives: August 18, 2011


Next to Moose Crossing...never stopped...should have !


Writers group ate at Trenton Lobster Pound and BBQ .. MMM mmm good.


The Process:

Writers’ lunch/BBQ/Lobster Pound/

Tired/from Monday/chilled/Sabrina’s fun


Six day Journal

Writers’s gather/fun time/working soon.



I yelled to the crow: "Which way do we go?" He turned to the right, the way we'd come from, and stood there in the pouring rain. So we turned around and what do you know we found our way to "Nora's House", Sabrina's dorm !


The process:

Pouring rain/16 hours/start/finish


Without spare inches/loaded Yukon/sigh

Sabrina exclaimed/controls back here/heat

Then/OMG/seat warmer!

Sabrina/content/hot seat/hot cookies ☺.

One off bucket list/Popeye’s chicken (Thank you Sabrina)


Six Word Journal:

Boston/tiring/pouring rain annoying




Six Word Journal:  Sunday 8/14/2011

Church/read/getting ready/Sabrina tomorrow


The earliest thing I can remember

is the color red.

I can see it in my minds eye.


My mother said it was because

when we lived in Thief River Falls,

around the age of 3 or 4,

I decided to color the white kitchen cabinets

red with a red crayon !


She told me she had me scrub

the cupboard doors

to get the crayon off,


If that isn’t the earliest


I do remember in grade school,

in Ashland, Wisconsin,

looking at the sky,

it was a bright red,

and there was a huge fire across town

I was told.


But in my heart of hearts,


I deeply think I have a memory

of my sister Vicky

being born

and dying a month later.


I was 3 that week.



“R” is for Lucky Rabbit’s Foot


Did you ever have…


why did our parents let us

carry a  lucky rabbit’s foot  

creating superstitious thinking

in our tender minds? 


I can remember being in grade school

and it was “The Thing” to carry

a lucky rabbit’s foot key chain.  


Somewhere, somehow,

I found out that it was

supposedly a REAL rabbit’s foot !  

In particular, the left hind foot !  

ewwww !


I’m sure that I had

a faux rabbit’s foot keychain

bought at my dad’s

F.W. Woolworth Store.


But at the time, I was SURE some poor  

rabbit, sacrificed his life, on a full moon,

in a cemetery,  

on Friday the 13 th.




Well, maybe…Where’s your rabbit foot

you got in grade school hiding?