“R” is for Lucky Rabbit’s Foot


Did you ever have…


why did our parents let us

carry a  lucky rabbit’s foot  

creating superstitious thinking

in our tender minds? 


I can remember being in grade school

and it was “The Thing” to carry

a lucky rabbit’s foot key chain.  


Somewhere, somehow,

I found out that it was

supposedly a REAL rabbit’s foot !  

In particular, the left hind foot !  

ewwww !


I’m sure that I had

a faux rabbit’s foot keychain

bought at my dad’s

F.W. Woolworth Store.


But at the time, I was SURE some poor  

rabbit, sacrificed his life, on a full moon,

in a cemetery,  

on Friday the 13 th.




Well, maybe…Where’s your rabbit foot

you got in grade school hiding?