Have You Seen…
Have you seen
my “Helen Keller” paintings?
They are called that because
back in the day you could 
tell without seeing,
by touch,
what the painting is.
These days,
my paintings are more 
but still
rough and bumpy,
palette knives and fingers,
forming visions of 
waves, froth, mountains,
rocks and sand.
Sometimes a surface
gives paint
a mind of its own,
rough or bumpy,
scratchy or
slick as satin.
Come see my paintings
where brush strokes 
and knife marks rule.
On rough canvas, 
or slick, slippery plastic.
Enjoy the feel of a
sometimes it’s a mood,
touching the heart
or soul;
sometimes a touch,
the artist made strokes
creating images
and feelings
only you know where 
they come from.