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Daily Archives: August 23, 2011

My friend Jennefer last Friday gave a eulogy for a second younger sister.  There were three sisters, all having names starting with “J” and they were called J 1, J 2, J 3.  Jennefer is J 1.    I was a toddler when my sister died so I do not have any way to relate to her grief, except it must be very lonely and grief filled.  The title came because she loves rainbows….and I did a painting recently of a double rainbow she caught in a photo.

Some day I’ll write a longer piece about why we sign our names to each other Jfef, for Jeff, her nickname, and Sgigi for Siggi, my nickname.

Jennifer Hennessy 11:12am Aug 23
Wow, all I can say is truly awesome, really, I am without words. It just so fits. And my eyes are leaking but…/w a smile…rainbow tears, you know. thank-you. That means a lot. I’m going to frame it.. And it makes me feel better, I think she just had such a struggle these past couple of years/w anger, sadness and anxiety and health that I just wish she had let us help. That’s what makes me sad. A truly wonderful gift from a truly wonderful friend.





3 J’s

An awesome trio
of personality, joy
and loyalty.
2 J’s
then there was 2
No joy in mudville.
But two J’s  persevered
and lived with joy 
in J 2’s memory,
loyal to each other
and their families.
1 J
then there was 1.
Sadness in the world…
joy was gone,
survivors clung to each other
in memory of J3
now gone.
A son to carry on
and remind them of 
the joy she spread.
3 J’s
The memory
of the J’s lingers
in those who
and the one J left
to carry on in their
2 J’s
Never forgotten,
always remembered,
thru the tribulations,
joyful, and loyal.
1 J
lost without her sisters,
the good times
outweigh the others,
to keep the good memories
alive in her heart and soul,
and of those who loved them

Monhegan calls my name
island beauty beyond belief
a step back in time.
No cars, no taxi's,
no gas stations !
(take your garbage home with you,
no garbage pickup here...)
quaint fishing village,
working fishermen live/work here,
artists flock to paint the sites,
young girls making jewelry from bits of sea glass,
fresh sea air refreshes,
My soul calls Monhegan's name.