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Daily Archives: September 11, 2011

Emotions engulf
the first day of school each year
tears flood school bus doors.
Authors comment:  I have to admit, this is not from my experience but watching others react to sending their children off to school.  The first day of school was not a traumatic event for me, so this is for those of you who dreaded that first day of school every year.

In Memoriam


Cerulean sky

turned dark: smoke, ash, death, horror
our lives changed forever

The troubled world
my children and grandchildren
live in,
give me thoughts of sorrow…
for when I hear
“Mother may I
be what I hope to be ?”
“Nana, May I be what I hope to be?’
I pray for their hopes and dreams
in this troubled world
to be a success 
and they may 
follow their passions.
My response to
“Mother/Nana may I ?”
is “of course my dears”,
my prayers are that
you may not have the fears
I have,
may your futures be bright,
your dreams fulfilled.
May peace be in your 
world and lives.