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Daily Archives: September 13, 2011


The roaring water was so cold
that the jolt of it splashing her 
suddenly had the effect of an
urgent need to protect her 
dignity before she would pass out.

It was a simple immediate bold
move on her part to make the decision
to scrape by on what she had in her
pockets now and cut her losses
and build a new life far away from 
the mountain pass town 
along charming roaring brook.

Dignity saved, she would build
simple new life far away
now being able to escape the 
jolting urgency that had spawned
the desire to change 


Computer problems have kept me off line…

my six word journals from Saturday last:


Saturday 9/10/2011

lazy day/nonproductive/ deep sigh


Sunday 9/11/2011

Church/Remembrance Ceremony/cerulean sky reminds

Monday 9/12/2011

Painted Somesville/Everybody Eats/House concert

Prompt:  Another kind of heart attack
Chest pains/fear chest pains
Driver’s Ed causes huge chest pains
Sons driving  attacks
Ps…fact/not fiction:  not just son’s, but daughters, granddaughter’s and grandson’s “driver’s ed.” same results.
The words “practice driving partner” cause fear and chest pains.

Ceremony for First Responders receiving a piece of the World Trade Center Buildings.

freeing those who come
strangers, welcomed  to our land
liberty for all