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Daily Archives: September 14, 2011

Dad loved spiders
Medicinal he said.
Not so, Patience said

Miss Patience Moffet


a spider her famous  date.


Cottage cheese, she ate.


Mr Leo blogger

patience is his middle name

lady in Maine, knows.


Facts from various sites on the internet:

Patience would have been the doctor’s step-daughter.

Little Miss Muffet

small girl whose name was Patience,

Her stepfather, Dr. Muffet (1553-1604) 

Curds and whey was also an old name for cottage cheese, 
the curds being lumpy and the whey milky.

Muffet was also spelled Moufet or Moffet as a last name.

mother’s chicken soup
 winters potion, elixir
says love in a bowl

First Thoughts on Camelot
A flash back in time:

watching and listening
to Jackie Kennedy talk about
her days in the White House.
It was a different time for me,
still influenced by by staunchly 
Republican parents,
WASP was the term back then.
My parents were appalled by the fact
of a “Catholic” president…
Election night was one of the few
times I actually saw my mother
not even after her mother, 
then her father died did I see her
cry and sob like I did when
Jack Kennedy was announced the winner,
future President of the United States.
It dawns on me, I was just 17,
this being the fiftieth anniversary 
of his inauguration.
Not a rebel to my parents views,
just cautiously wondering to myself
why they thought the way they did,
and why did others think so
so differently from those close 
to me…
and why was I supposed
to not like them
or be friends with them ?