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Daily Archives: September 21, 2011


Bulls eyes gaze focused


ready to meet the challenge


Ready set go:… charge !




ever wish on stars


hoping for your prince to come?


There he is:  Bullseye !




I love the fall leaves...every year, different hues due to different conditions of temperature and moisture. These are a few leaves I saved from last year. The leaves are starting to turn on the coast of Maine as of last week



Fall, my favorite time of the year.


Chill in the air,

time for sweaters, coats,

gloves and caps,

to warm your

achy muscles and bones .


“I have a cold in my connections”

a lady told me

one brisk fall day,

and put another layer

or two of sweaters on.


The smell of burning leaves,

and of a wood stove lit

to warm the house

or maybe cook Saturday nights

beans, hot dogs and biscuits.

Coffee and tea a must,

hot chocolate,  treat.


Air cool…

sometimes cold in Maine,

I love it…

and make no bones about it.

The perfect temperatures

for me…

not too hot, not too cold

no ice or snow….

most years.


Warm days, cool nights,

produce the perfect landscape

of an artists palette for viewing.


Leaf peepers flow down Main Street,

turn towards Bar Harbor

…”the island”,

home of Acadia National Park

fall beauty beyond words. 

Follow the leaf season

from north to south,

the colors amaze

all over the state.


Fall brings us inside,

to paint,

to read,

to knit or crochet,

to sit by the fireplace and write

and probably take a nap.


Life becomes quieter this time of year.

Days become dark earlier and earlier…

it’s nice to just go out

early in the day,

do what needs to be done,

planning to stay home

as soon as the school buses

flow by the house.



my favorite time of year.