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Daily Archives: September 26, 2011


Sibling rivalry runs rampant during the teen years (and even earlier)

occasionally started with THE LOOK or a motion said to be an “accident“.

A quick move,  jostle, or glance can get strolling  passers-by

outside to glance inside a shop and chat with each other as

they clutch their bags and share that family wars can be started with

“he’s looking at me”.  So it is, that family memories, and stories of accidental tales,

to be told as families chat at  outside parties, reunions, and occasionally clutch

each other’s arm to get the others attention as they shop, strolling,

looking and noticing that life repeats itself when they are the passers-by,

and they look in the shops, and watch the games

that siblings play, jostling and looking and occasionally exclaim:

“It was an accident“!





Phoenix Rising


graduation day
becoming new, a Phoenix
fly away, come back