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Daily Archives: September 30, 2011

X is for kisses
and O is for hug.
I’ve known THAT for a
VERY long time.
There was a time
to sign your name,
with an X and maybe add the O…
scandalous for the young and in love…
what if someone would see
X and the O beside your name?
Is there no scandal any more?
X means X-rated,
and have an ID.
Photos on cell phones
and posted in facebook…
or one of those places,
I don’t know their names.
Xs  and O’s no longer suffice.
X is for that “non”-person,
you once called your own,
the name no longer on
your lips
or those who speak of them,
in your presence…
and everyone “knows”
who’s name is the “X”
so why say the name.
Where are the days
when an X or O beside a name
…or maybe, just to be a flirt,
X and O, with
no name at all…
you must guess
who your LOVE is today.
X marks the spot
in my heart for love.
Grandkids still use it
and old, old friends.
Remember the days
when X meant a lot.


Why do poets write
and like artists see wonder
where others don’t?
Where does all this come from
and where does it go?
And how much can the mind
and soul take,
if kept inside?
How much room is there,
it seems:
there’s always room for more.
I write, I paint,
because “it’s there”
and fighting to get out.
Irritable and crabby
if the world interrupts
my craft.
Maybe I’d burst if the
words and scenes
piled up inside
my heart and soul
and couldn’t get out.
It seems there are always more
waiting to fill the space,
always room for more.
New to the wonders of
I’m learning the ways
that poets think,
and put the words down,
and those forms
are “there” now,
and fighting
to come to the surface
and on to paper or
Just To Be There
in the flesh.
to be born in the world
of words thought
and gathered.
The mind works in curious
writing other thoughts,
that were the same
earlier in the day.
Like love.
Where there is love,
the heart and soul expand,
there is always room for more
The mind is the same…
the more thoughts,
or serious.
Meaningful or not:
Where there are words,
more appear and expand,
and crave for attention,
and there’s always room for more.

June Taylor’s dancers
remembering speed and grace
“back in the day”, sigh.
kaleidoscope grace
dancers coordinated moves
synchronized beauty
wish I may, I might
be like June Taylor’s dancers
delightful, graceful

The June Taylor Dancer’s were in the 1950’s on the Jackie Gleason Show…an over head camera showed

their fancy geometric moves to the tv audience.