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Daily Archives: October 7, 2011

The winds make fun shapes int the sky...this heart lasted only for a few moments...the winds were fierce up there.


Wednesday portrait group Blue Hill…

a  favorite Janet Simpson back again…

have been distracted can you tell.

It’s trade car time, I’m sad.

Eleven years, 258,000 + miles

a good friend in deed.


Janet and Chico, a Havanese, sit for their portraits.


Thursday  September 29, 2011

Alas, another school bites the dust...this time for a park...the first one, sort of rebuilt,the second one, a daycare/senior center ...all within a short block or three from my across the street. Progress..."they" say.


Schools way too expensive to repair

Torn down in progress’ good? name


Painting is almost finished...acrylic on canvas.

Friday September 30, 2011.

Somesville to paint…too cool outside.

Looked at car…new to me car


One choice of new to me cars.


Saturday October 1, 2011

Clean the grand-daughter’s room…Sigh.


Sunday:  October 2, 2011

Church.  Lunch with Diana:  China Hill

Round one of the buffet at China Hill


To be continued…



Y is for yacht
I hear it’s a hole in the water
you throw money into.
Y is for yams...
yummy for the tummy
for your honey and you.
Yokel fits the bill,
so does young lady’s man..
who’s not a yokel, of course.
Yucky may describe a
yellowbelly marmot
for young and old…
it fits no where logical…
but I  yearned to include
it’s youthful sounding name
and laughter for jokes
the young love to make
when words like
yellowbelly marmot
rise like yeast
from their yellow tongues
from eating egg yolk frosting
on yummy cakes .
Have you been to the Yukon,
or even Yosemite,
with a yuppy at yule time?
…don’t take the yokel,

the young lady’s man will do.
You may see a yak
but not a yacht.

A trip back to yesteryear
is what you’ll get.


Flair is for your hair
hair dressers stake reputations
that hair is your flair
flair is made not born
Emily Post wrote her book on it
flair haven’t got it.
flair in decorating
 fancy decorators whim
some have it, some don’t