The Stars Look Different


Is it me, or do the stars look different

on cold crisp nights


I live on the coast of Maine,

and there are not a lot of city lights

to ruin the past time of  star gazing.3


I grew up in the Midwest,

in small towns with few lights.

In the evening we could lay

out on the grass  or look

from our bedroom windows

and see the stars and wonder

how far they were away,

was  there life  on them.


There was not a hint of space

travel that was to come

so our minds did the

traveling and decided how

it would look if we …

in our fantasy and visions

from comics, books and movies…

could possibly get to live

amongst the stars and

look back at earth.


Two years a go this week

I had cataract surgery…

and for sure the stars look

different to me…

I could never understand,

even before the surgery,

back in the day,

how people could see the

different constellations

and identify them.


I never tire of looking upward

as I walk to my car

or sit on my back deck,

in the summer when the sky

is clear

and on cold brisk nights…

like tonite…

the sky seemed darker

to me.


I’m sure it’s just my imagination.


Do the stars look different?

You betcha.