A November storm, 2011, Somesville, Maine, on the shore where they usually get rain with the snow.

gets your attention
with its beauty and then
the final leaves bright with color
drop,… it seems like over night
you can hear them land
with a “thud.”
Trees show sky’s changes
through their skeletons
with hope of winter storms
coating their limbs
with snow, protection against
the ravages of winter,
and snow has a beauty
all its own.
Winter in Maine
is a damp cold,

especially along the coast.
Damp winds chilling you
til you have

cold in your “connections”.
Wood stoves take that chill
away…warm you til
your toes are toasty warm.

Long johns are a sign of
weather’s chilling effects…

when they go on, they don’t
come off til spring,
then everyone’s ready for
a change.
The ole timers say there’s
always hope for a mild winter
…that of course means rain
and ice, and problems with
the blueberry crops that need
their blanket of snow.
There’s a change
in the travel
, too,
with pot holes and

“speed bumps”…
folks back in the states call
“frost heave” …
my father called those roads
in the mid west,
“Wash Board Avenues”.
gets your attention
that’s for sure.
It’s beauty, it’s weather,
and weather changing
at the drop of a hat
and the hope
of the better weather staying
with the winter Downeaster storms
where we live.