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Daily Archives: December 3, 2011


Princess "hiding" in plain sight. I took this with a telephoto lens...from a distance, she is a tiny creature peeking out watching us look for her high and low...and she's in plain sight !

Princess Kovacs
I am a littlle feral kitty,
Princess Kovacs is my name.
(it was Kovacs, for Ernie,
til a visit to the vet ☺.)
I weigh a slight six pounds
…it gives me speed
plus the gift to hide
from those silly big folks
who think they can
domesticate a feral
I guess I do enjoy
being inside,
waited on hand and
from my hiding spots,
those silly men who try to
find me…
I peak and snicker
at them as I hide in plain
It took nearly dying
and a blood transfusion
to give me my life
and lots of speed back.
Now I find to my
after allowing to be
all the attention
a cat can get.
So, my learning
curve sped up,
and I love to run
and hide,
and stay just
out of reach
for just a while.
Diggin’ my claws
in the rug til
it’s time for spoilin’.
Then with regal
presence, the
Princess I am,
allows the
lady to do the
huggles, lovin’
and brushin’…
the men go ga ga,
til I fall asleep.
They think they’re
so smart…those
three big people,
who think
they’ve outsmarted
a feral kitty…
I know who the
smart one is…
it’s me,
a little royal feral kitty
on the Downeast
Coast of Maine.


December 1, 2011, Princess Kovacs doesn't jump down, run and hide when her "wrap" and hand a reminder to stay are removed. This little sweetheart can out fox three grown people from catching her ☺.



Winter brings the blues
hibernation calls daily
winter not my speed
Winter sports not me
skiing..ambulance waiting
comfy fireplace calls
Chill in every bone
wood stoves/fire places thrill me
warm, sleepy time gal