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Daily Archives: December 4, 2011

Wordle 33…twelve words to work into a story.

Bark    December    crusted       trivet    amorous    precipice
 genuflect    inkling     laden   subtle   vanilla  mission


Their mission in late December started laden with
packages of vanilla bark that left a subtle scent
as they traveled slowly down the crusted road.  They didn’t have
an inkling that a steep precipice was straight ahead.

Thinking only of their mission to deliver the vanilla bark
to be made into trivets for December giving,  they steadfastly
continued forward.  Suddenly the steep precipice was ahead of them.
They stopped within feet of the edge if the steep precipice
on the road of  crusted ice and snow.  They paused to genuflect
realizing how close they had come to failing their mission and possibly
ending their lives.

As they started again on the road still crusted with ice and snow,
after a short pause, they exchanged a less than subtle
amorous embrace.  Remembering to complete the mission
of delivering the packages of vanilla bark they continued to a
successful end.  The subtle scent of vanilla bark spoke in their
memories of their amorous embrace during that  mission
in late December that year.





I quickly ran into the house to get my sunglasses and left both doors open and turned and saw Bianca looking out .


Oh, look. a way out.

Been waiting a long long time

Too cold, I’ll stay in.



Stars at night shine bright
far far from the coast of Maine
Mind boggling how far
Do not take up space
with needless thoughts and objects
space valuable
Give me breathing space
space to think and find my muse
in peace and quiet