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Daily Archives: December 7, 2011

Bianca’s favorite sleeping spot right now…subject to change.


Six Word Journal for Friday December 2, 2011

Sorrento/Painting/cool/cards for Saturday ☺.


Free hot chocolate was welcomed as the parade goers headed to downtown and then as the parade ended across the street for some and up the street for others. Delicsious hot chocolate for the people, dog treats, fresh water, and apples for the four footed parade participants and attendees. There were dogs of all sizes, goats, chickens, large and small horses...and lots and lots of people.


Six Word Journal for Saturday December 3, 2011

I love the Annual Christmas Parade



From yesterday's Christmas parade


From Saturday's Christmas parade.


Six Word Journal for Sunday December 4, 2011

Church/China Hill/Catching up/wDiana



IN PROCESS: watercolor on stretched canvas...using Daniel Smith undercoating to allow the water color paints to be applied on any first trial with the substance. Working well so far. The moon and stars are acrylic...the watercolors worked but not with the effect I wanted. This is a challenge painting from a series four of us are doing


Six Word Journal Monday December 5, 2011

Somesville/cool/Everybody Eats/great time


ps.  Today I am so excited to have gotten a letter from a

roommate from nurses training…I was hard to find…changed

my last name too often !  She had called my mom…she told

her I lived in “Maine”.  Sigh.  We started school in 1962…how

can time go by so quickly?



NOT MY HOUSE ☺. Up the street from my house, on the other side of the church is this gorgeous restored historic house...I thought the house and trees against the sky "spoke' winter is coming to me.


Six Word Journal for Tuesday December 6, 2011

writing class/lunch Martha’s/great conversation


ps…it is without saying the food  at Martha’s was fantastic…☺.




Noticed this wreath stand on the way home Monday.


You can see the little red coffee can for the money... an island Christmas tradition.


Musing with Mental Pauses
Mental pauses:
Words escape me
…where have they gone ?

The bain of my existence
these days.
Is it the time change?
The shorter days?
Life is still full of art
and writing group
and lunches with
the writers.
Words escape me
…where have they gone ?
Laughter Yoga
is taking a break…
it’s okay,
I don’t laugh anyway !
(I go Ho Ho Ho instead
of laugh..
it makes them laugh
so I’ve contributed
my way !)
Mental pauses,
dusty brains,
Where, oh where,
has my thought pattern
Could it be I’m getting old
or that my children are
middle aged ?
Can’t be.
Is be.
WoW.  Where did
the time go.
I missed middle age…
thought it would be
now…. til someone
pointed out to double
my age meant I’d live
to be as old as
Methuselah !
I’ve put out a search
Words escape me
…where have they gone ?

Musing with Mental Pauses
Part two

Write2Day–Prompt:  Writing from the Dark Place‏.  December 8, 2011