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Daily Archives: December 12, 2011


My almost completed portrait of Marianne our model for the portrait group. She is a real trooper...made it thru al the sessions cheerfully and with entertaining conversation. The painting is acrylic paints on canvas.

Marianne the portrait group model. The time flew by for me...she's so charming.


Six Word Journal for Wednesday December 7, 2011

Painting. Starting annoying cough>tortilla chip.

(small piece of tortilla chip caught in the back of my

throat, now I keep coughing)


Thursday  December 8, 2011  Six Word Journal

Weather changed plans for today...cancelled trip to Portland due to possible hazardous roads. Bianca says it all: good day to stay home and nap.


Six Word Journal for Thursday December 8, 2011

Cough. Nap. Eat. Cough. Nap. Repeat.


ps.  Still have annoying “hairball cough”.  Tried honey.

Salt gargle.  Fluids.  Tickle back of throat.  Cough.  Sigh.



Sign of the season! The wreath is on the Somesville Bridge. It's pretty without snow, awesome gorgeous with snow.


The beginning of an acrylic on canvas painting of a blueberry field. The fields turn bright red in the fall and are gorgeous additions to the Maine scenery. Ths has a long way to go.


Six Word Journal Friday December 9, 2011

Somesville. Paint./Cold Sunny./Coughing Less


OMgoodness...went to Walmart and saw that the Keurig "coffee man" also has hot chocolate. (I would pass by and say I didn't drink coffee.) He said he had peppermint marshmallows I thought "why not". WELL. now I know where to find the best brewed hot chocolate in town ! May have to bring my own peppermint marshmallows but OMgoodness. I am fussy about my hot chocolate...and it was so good. Now I know to check all the coffee demo people to see if they have the good hot chocolate. Can you tell I LOVE chocolate...good chocolate.


Six Word Journal for Saturday  December 10, 2011

Sam’s /Best Buy/home/Walmart CHOCOLATE


PS. I lucked out at Walmart…more hot Chocolate.

Didn’t luck out at Sam’s.

First the detergent aisle…mugged by the smell of clothes detergent.

And THEN, a lady walked by me with an annoying perfume

that set my sinus’ on fire.  Unfortunately,  she had walked from

the area I was heading to, and the smell of  her perfume still lingered

in the air !  FLW. (four letter words…you can choose.).


Sunday December 11, 2011 Photo Blue Hill Maine.

Went out to take photos of blueberry fields for painting. Just couldn't find a nice red one...this one is "ok" ... did find other things to take photos of...for another post.


Six Word Journal December 11, 2011

Photo ride. Blueberry fields//Outside decorations




This is my "annual" photo taken in September, 2011, at the Common Ground Fair wearing my sweet fern hair wreath. I apologize for the poor is a photo of the photo on facebook...I have no idea where the cd is !


Kellie Ellsmore’s Free Write Friday…Look in the Mirror, What do you see
This weekend your challenge is to take a long look in the mirror. Literally.

Go into your room, your bathroom, wherever you have a mirror and you can be alone and look at yourself.

Your beauty. Your flaws. What do you see? What do you think others see?
What do your eyes say about how you feel?
How does what you see on the outside reflect how you feel on the inside?
Remember, your entry should appear as a journal/diary entry.
Free write your thoughts out using no form, no editing, just write what comes to mind.
(This last sentence was the hardest to do…it is what it is. I don’t tend to write in paragraph
form…and the form is “free range.”)

I look in the mirror.
And pause to think.
Looking in the mirror
is startling to me
as I am today.
Where has the time
Where is it going?
Will I use it wisely.
I look in the mirror.
Clearly I have aged…
I look like my father’s oldest sister
and his mother.
Looking in the mirror,
I no longer have to “frost” my hair,
nature has done that for me.
My eyes are clear,
thanks to the miracle of cataract
My vision is more clear than
it ever has been in my life
due to the miracle
of a surgeon who learned
his craft well.
My internal mirror vision
needs some clarity.
Now that I am retired,
my children have moved
to far away places,
I have time to reflect on
being the matriarch
of a very small family.
Looking in the internal mirror,
The reflections are blurred
as I try to think if I have
served them well
thru the years.
Set a living example
for them to follow
and to pass on to the
next generation…
the great-grands.
That gives me a pause.

I worked hard,
but never heard
the message to play hard,
too.  My brother said
that was an important
message he got growing hard, play hard.
Somehow, I missed that,
and think I cheated two
generations out of that.
But work I did.
And I think I did it ethically,
with honesty, compassion
and fairness.
I tried to have a sense of duty
to my patients to give them
a life at their highest level
of independence.
And a sense of duty to my
employee and students to help
them perform at their highest
level of competency with
compassion and sense of caring
(even tho when I was a young
nurse, caring wasn’t supposed
to enter the workplace.).
I followed what I thought to be
a call, to care for the aging and
especially the aging mind,
the confused, brain injured
and mentally ill.
It’s not what my “call” was
“supposed to be” as I saw
it when I was young.
Actually, I don’t think I ever
thought about “call”…
work was work, and nursing
was chosen for me at a meeting
with my parents and a school
counsellor since I remembered
saying I didn’t like children
did not want to teach,
nor be a secretary….I’d taken
the office class and broken all
the machines and typing wasn’t
my forte’.
Looking in the mirror of today,
I see, an aged lady,
living alone with her cat.
Living with the knowledge
she disappointed her parents,
in her choices of profession,
spouses and where she chose
to live and possibly a lot more.
That is past and done.
I am retired and hoping that the
memories of others will say
she had a sense of humor,
served her fellow men and women
with caring and compassion.
That, raised without a sense of
spirituality or faith, developed both,
and a sense of serving her fellow
man without prejudice or judgement
in their private decisions before I met
them and cared for them.
I look in the mirror…
and it’s startling to see
me as I am today.
Where has the time
Where is it going?
Will I use it wisely.
I look in the mirror.
And pause to think.