People Watching
Reading faces is difficult when you come from
the land of “put on a happy face”
“you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
It’s also the land of “never let them see you sweat.”
Reading faces in a  world that is,
“why bother” and more interesting to watch.
I grew up with never go out in public without your make up on
or curlers in your hair….
does anyone ever use curlers any more?
It wasn’t as interesting as in the land
of “anything goes”.
Every day was “dress up” and always seen at your “best.”
No wonder marriages started to crumble after the
vows were said,
the first sight without make up had to have been a jolt.
First impressions didn’t last,
and finally the make up could come off…
and hair before the curlers set,
could scare a crow out of their nest.
Reading faces, at the mall,
sitting at a red light or waiting in the doctors office.
Did you ever notice that some people think,
the windows in their cars are “one way”
…they can see out and no one can see in?
Thank George Carlin for this one: They “pick their noses”
and “scratch where it itches,” thinking no one  sees.
People let their hair down anywhere these days…
you can tell who’s angry or in love,
or maybe flirting, if they get off the phone long enough!
Reading faces,
Did they just loose their best friend,
or is their nail polish the wrong color?
Did they just win megabucks, their ship just come in,
or beat everyone to get their call in first
to get the free tickets to hear their favorite band?
Reading faces is still fun.
A documentary, reality show  in real life.
You get to guess and surmise
and make up your own drama and story line
while passing the time of day…
‘who’s just putting on a happy face”
or trying to make a first impression count.?
Reading faces of a group of guys and gals,
who’s with whom, who thinks they’re with someone
but get a surprise?
Who thinks they can “pull this one off”
but you can tell they are “starting to sweat?”
Sitting in the shadows and watching the
drama play out…
what’s more fun than
reading faces !