I See You Breaking
Another Heart.

Mind games.
Insecure people
in love games.
Why bother if you don’t care.
Makes you feel macho,
to make someone else
feel small…
that’s what I think.
I see you breaking
another heart.

Why bother to tell
someone you’d love them
if they’d only “change” and
be someone else…
…its not you, you say…
if only they’d be different.
They you wouldn’t stray.
Like I believe that one,
but you’re not talking to me
and those in love want to
please and try to become
someone they aren’t.
Then you tell them,
you aren’t the person
I “fell in love with”.


It hurts so see someone
at the mercy of a parasite…
life sucking parasite.
You make someone sad,
and thinking “if only I could…”
leave them crying,
go your merry way,

and never looking back.
They suffer while you’re
off having fun

and then you return,
like they should be happy
you’re back to “help” them
be better so you’ll
stay this time.

Mind games.
Insecure people games,
preying on the vulnerable.
Think you’re  so macho.
Just a parasite...
That’s the way I see it ,
Good thing it’s not me,
or you’d be dust.
That isn’t a fee hotel for
macho lovers.
I see you breaking
another heart.
Mind games.
I see through your mind games.
Piddly little mind games…
bully games is what I call them.
Too bad the “victims” …
for that’s what they are,
can’t see through your
using lovers like pawns
in a chess game.
Mind games.
Been there.
Sucked in to them.
Wish I’d had the 20/20 mirror
when I was younger mirror.
Bully. That’s what you are.
The mold wasn’t broken
and history repeats itself
with another generation
of lovers who buy into
Mind games,
convincing others they are
“in love” games.
I SEE YOU breaking
another heart.
Using a prompt from Inspiration Monday.