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Daily Archives: December 18, 2011


Photo from Tera Zajack of Olive Hue Designs. Prompt for dVerse Poetics.


I look


see me

can you

see me ?…

in the back,

to the right,

trying to look




to Follow

the Rules,

Don’t Stand Out,

Don’t Be Different,

Don’t Brag,

or Show Off

how much you


Don’t Rock the boat,

DO blend in with

the Smart crowd.

For goodness sake,

don’t let Anyone

see any



I Want

to BE

the girl in Front,

with all the Ideas,

Creating what others 

can’t even see.

Unwritten Rule:

don’t be too smart,

just smart enough

“They” can have



Just not too smart

or  Others

won’t like




Also for Jingle Poetry at The Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week 17:  “Photos, Nostalgia, Memories, and Families”  … I missed the post date, but they were the inspiration.

Bianca asleep on the cable box.


Random thoughts linger
as I sit here watching the cat sleep
…asleep on the cable box …doesn’t
seem like a comfy place to sleep.
As I ponder, why is it that sometimes
the most uncomfortable place
or position to sleep promotes
the deepest sleep for man and beast?
Have you ever watched a baby sleep,
in their high chair,
the side of their head in a bowl
that had held their morning oat meal? 
Or a puppy asleep using
a half full tissue box, crushed flat
by their head,  for a pillow
while riding in the car…snoring away?
It shouldn’t surprise me,
for I can sleep in a chair and wake up
hours later…only waking when
an arm is so numb and in pain.

And it shouldn’t surprise me that
my son could sleep with baseballs,
gloves, basketball or brand new
soccer cleats…I know that because
of hearing the sound of bouncing
balls on the ceiling after he’d gone
How did I get from Bianca draped
over the edges of the cable box to thinking
of how three generations of women
sleep with their arms over their heads
….easy as children, more difficult
with aging…to rise and shine
with your arms “frozen” from sleeping
that way all night ?

I thought it was cute when they
were babies and toddlers,
thinking of the oddities of
genetics and body language
of sleep.
Three generations that sleep
in the same position,
comfortable til we wake and
try to lower our arms !
I understand this is the way
of elderly ladies,
who start thinking, and one
thing leads to another.
To random thoughts that linger
as I watch the cat sleep.

New Years Resolutions for Free Write Friday

Kellie Ellmore asks that we write on the prompt:  this weeks prompt:
“New Year’s Resolutions” with Free writing  —
also called stream-of-consciousness writing —

It should be free verse only and appear as a journal/diary entry.


Leave it alone as much as  possibly we can.
I don’t often write in paragraph form…
though occasionally I do…
but write as I have below…sometimes in bullets,
sometimes lists of thoughts, or outline.
What ever fits my mood. And often write in color.

New Years Resolutions
I am a retired nurse…RN
and I have a quirk on
resolutions any time of the year.
Some time ago,
I started writing resolutions
in the form of a nursing care plan
stated with a problem,
reasonable goal date to accomplish,
and steps to accomplish.
It’s been a long time…
the first time i can remember
doing it was maybe thirty years
ago when it seemed I was
treading water.
The goals are kept
to one or two at a time
and usually something
I just need to get done
that I’ve been procrastinating.
New Years is a good time
to take a look back
and see where I want to go
in the next year.
Writing them down
gives me something
to measure….
and an interesting view
of my mind set
as the years roll on….
rolling faster
as I get older.