New Years Resolutions for Free Write Friday

Kellie Ellmore asks that we write on the prompt:  this weeks prompt:
“New Year’s Resolutions” with Free writing  —
also called stream-of-consciousness writing —

It should be free verse only and appear as a journal/diary entry.


Leave it alone as much as  possibly we can.
I don’t often write in paragraph form…
though occasionally I do…
but write as I have below…sometimes in bullets,
sometimes lists of thoughts, or outline.
What ever fits my mood. And often write in color.

New Years Resolutions
I am a retired nurse…RN
and I have a quirk on
resolutions any time of the year.
Some time ago,
I started writing resolutions
in the form of a nursing care plan
stated with a problem,
reasonable goal date to accomplish,
and steps to accomplish.
It’s been a long time…
the first time i can remember
doing it was maybe thirty years
ago when it seemed I was
treading water.
The goals are kept
to one or two at a time
and usually something
I just need to get done
that I’ve been procrastinating.
New Years is a good time
to take a look back
and see where I want to go
in the next year.
Writing them down
gives me something
to measure….
and an interesting view
of my mind set
as the years roll on….
rolling faster
as I get older.