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This was my Christmas tree but I find it cheery so it still has the lights on it.


………………………..Six Word Saturday.……………………………..

Anxiously awaiting springwarmer  temps….lighter mood for me.
Every winter I say It’s not going to happen, but it does.    January,
twenty years ago I was in Rehab at the Meadows in Wickenburg, AZ,
for agoraphobia, workaholic, and PTSD.
It seems a lifetime ago.
I graduated on February 28 and came home to a blizzard
and deep freeze….the same weather I’d left in six weeks before.
Life goes on.  I came back changed….except every January the doldrums
still hit, just  like they always have before I went to Arizona.
My father died three weeks after I got back to Maine leaving lots of
unanswered questions.
My mood will still lighten by the end of March.  Something about the
passing of time, the angle of the  sun  and more hours of daylight. 
Winter Doldrums//February slowly becomes March
ps…so, the above was written, and I thought about it:      it is what it is.
I gathered Bianca, my favorite wool  LLBean lap robe from my son, turned
the sound off on the television,  turned the  (SAD) light off beside my chair,                                                                                                                                                                             then Bianca and I snuggled under the lap robe, covering our heads at times                                                                                                                                                                                (I could keep track of the women’s figure skating by peaking out at the tv)
and by the tiny lights on the schefflera  tree, we relaxed.
I listened to her purr and snore til after an hour, she suddenly remembered
something she had to do… go look out the living room window☺

Winter Doldrums//February slowly becomes March




Blueberry field after snow storm appears to be crimson waves.

waves of red
sunny day follows blizzard
feast for weary eyes


Halloween pilgrimage to Bangor, Maine. Crimson is for blood and gore. Here lives the King of gore.


Bats on gate, ?in belfry? Only Tabitha knows.

White and crimson house
Bats, spider, on iron gate
dragon guards corner

A dragon guards the driveway. Beware it says. Strangers not welcome.


Magnificent Spider web gate. Intricte detail. Welcoming to look at, don't try to enter!


Crimson burning bush,
maple leaves bright ruby red ,
scarlet sunset glows

Crimson burning bush is a beautiful sight.


Crimson leaves of fall delight every year.

Crimson warns sailors
red sky at night take warning
morning: a delight.

I love the crimson sky....this one in the evening, with the hope for a delightful day to come tomorrow.


February tulips
glow bright crimson in sunlight
a birthday delight

Birthday tulips of crimson...a delight to receive



Can you see the blue glow in the lower part of the window ? It is what got Bianca's curiosty.

eternal shows
curiosity seeing
blue light out window
Bianca, taking a long winter’s nap
had woken when I moved at the sight
of a flashing blue light                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   out the living room  window
at one in the morning.
In this small town, at this hour,
it is unusual for people                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    to be out and about
unless on their way home                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          from where adult beverages                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       may have been served
and consumed.
What was unusual was for Bianca
to show any interest, but maybe
winter doldrums have struck
her, too.  She sat there until
the cruiser’s blue lights                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    were turned off.
Hope eternal,
in a small town:
any excitement…
even a traffic stop
at one in the morning.


One view from my back door. Mid way you can see the Union River lightly frozen and covered with the snow of the previous night.

Feeling really cold
Expected what ? Balmy temps?
It’s winter in Maine
Daughter’s birthday, sigh
Why does mother feel older?
Mother’s next to age

Storms in Texas  bad
Rattle the pictures on walls
Thunder sonic booms
Winter brings sad days
Darkness creeps in,  sun  hiding
Depression deepens
There’s a name for it
Light  affectiveness disor-
der.   Heaven help me.
First   you  stoop,
   then  you
droop.  Getting  old  is  chicken
poop.  Smile.  Life  goes  on.

Happy 46th birthday to son, Bret, last week.

Happy 41st Birthday today, to my daughter, Stacey.





My version of a friend from Englands favorite meal...beans in tomato sauce, on toasted bread. I love the spicy tomatoes and added them.


I understand a strength in keeping a journal is
capturing the mundane along with the interesting
and magnificent events in ones life.  Well,  January,
February…I don’t know how long the mundane life
continues in MaineKeeping a journal this way, is
showing it smack dab in the face
as I try to think
of things that happened, sometimes wondering “why”,
what struck me to take the photos I took. 

Earlier journals, no one else has ever read:  mundane
was recorded as matter of fact. 
I didn’t differentiate between the mundane and
the magnificent…I was quite bland !
The weather often has been cold with a wicked wind chill.
On the coast of Maine, the temperature usually varies…
so it’s not every night, but some nights are damp and windy. 
In the grand scheme of things, not a big
and besides,
I have a handy dandy remote starter so I can start
my car from my living room window, no longer having to
dress warmly, and hazard a fall on my lawn…luckily
the traffic in the winter,  even on the major streets…
three of them ☺. AND few neighbors
are here to watch me scatter cat litter or ice melt
ahead of me like Gretel over icy patches
from the warmer sunny days melting the snow.
As I traipse to my car...two canes with ice pics on them,
and  LLBean ice grippers  on my shoes or boots,
now THAT was  scary. 
Using gasoline at $3.50+/gallon
to start my car in the middle of the night to be sure
it will run the next morning makes me think twice
before hitting the remote button,
(okay, Maxine is rubbing off on me) 
but choices, we have choices,
and I choose to live in Maine in the winter.
Besides, with the remote,
I don’t have to worry about freezing in the driveway,
having the sidewalk plow scatter the icy snow
into my driveway and over me !

Six Word Journal  Monday January 16, 2012
Cold, Somesville, Everybody Eats, lively conversation

At the Somesville library, by the mill pond, a heart.


Six Word Journal Tuesday January 17, 2012
Writers Group, Lunch Pizza Hut, COLD

. favorite food group...any meal, any time of the day..warm or cold. The writers' group went out for pizza and conversation.

Six Word Journal  Wednesday January 18, 2012
Portraits group: Maggie/Warmer/icy underfoot


Wednesday's .model, Maggie.

Six Word Journal Thursday January 19, 2012
Bret’s birthday/he called/Senior Center

Playing games at the Senior Center. Apples to Apples followed with a large group.


Six Word Journal  Friday January 20, 2012
Painting cancelled: 4″ snow/tossed riff-raff
(finished card to Stacey for her birthday…
red blueberry field of photo she liked)

Four inches of snow, no rain...and then the sun. Buddah in my back yard.

Six Word Journal Saturday January 21, 2012
Lightly snowed all day…1/2 “only.

Bianca says it all on how to spend a snowy cold Saturday.


Six Word Journal Sunday January 22, 2012
Ride>photos after snow>blueberry fields

Ventured down a road that I see just feet from the Bangor road to take photos of the blueberry field that can be seen from the road. Sort of thought it to be a private road with one or two home on it, but there were many homes, some old, some new, and this place with chickens sunning themsefves in the window.


Chickens sunning in the window of the hen house.





I love the red and white of a blueberry field in the winter....waves of plants and snow.

January ice and snow…
coat the fields,
especially the blueberries,
that suffer in an open winter.
January thaw is expected,
not too long, but just right,
for a short respite from
deep freeze cold and snow.

A blueberry field January 22, 2012. .Growers say that blueberries need a good cover of winter snow to be healthy plants in the spring.

February invites Canadian
cold and snow,
that didn’t arrive the month
February is thankfully short,
hopeful for an early spring…
hope runs eternal on the coast
Downeast in Maine.
In March, my forty plus old
tulips in their gowns
of red and yellow,
appear against the cellar wall
where it’s toasty warm
from the suns
warming rays …
it’s spring when they peak out,
green leaves at first,
letting me know
all is right in the world,
spring is here.

This is the only photo I have of my treasured yellow and red tulip in 2011. I apologize for the poor quality...the camera needed replacing and I didn't realize it. Some years the tulips have been even smaller than this.

April, if we’re lucky,
May if not,
we get to see the lovely canopy
of spring green” as the trees
leaf out getting ready to shade
us from the summer sun.

A painting of Maine trees dressed in spring colors. Some of you may have seen this...It was painted for an Alzheimer and related diseases Center that is being buildt.

Nature works hard
on the Downeast coast of Maine,
bringing natures beauty on land,
natures bounties
from the sea.

Written January 19, 2012

Toddlers first tip toe
then get their new running shoes
new task excitement
First loves tip toe first
learn to trust and pick up speed
Love learns to walk/run
Bullying people
want you to tip toe with words
Tell them: fly a kite
Protect your love first
Not on tip toes, be firm/act
Love survives, secure
Love that lasts decades
tip toes thru troubles holding
each other tightly