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Daily Archives: January 2, 2012

I am standing mid way up Bridge Hill...the terror of travel in town during winter storms. Two roads join just below where I am standing; Both roads are heavily traveled by big trucks. Travel is perilous for vehicles and pedistrians in all kinds of weather, but winter storms make stopping almost impossible...sometimes one of the houses on the right have been known to stop the flow of a car or truck. At the bottom of the hll, is the Union River with a bridge across it.

Coast of Maine steep hills
winter travel no warning
snow, ice, boggles minds,
Imagine roads then
twisted, narrow, no snow plows
feet, boards, trampled snow
Rain, ice, snow, sleet, fog
travel at best hazardous
travel prayers said
Olden days not me
Imagination enough
back in the day, thoughts
Thoughts of then and now
knowing I’m better off now
With modern travel