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Daily Archives: January 3, 2012

The look of pure bliss: Still in love after all these years. At the New Year's party for year 2012.


Mark with the delicious whipped cream cheese with honey and cranberry pear white balsamic vinegar on apricot fennel walnut bread .



Mary made the Key Lime Dip below...sooo good.


Key Lime, mascapone with graham crackers...OMgoodness simply delish.

I have only been out partying where
the object was to get blathered drunk,
two or three times on New Years Eve.
One was remarkable because someone
had her dress ripped off her in anger
by her husband at a military club party.
The other was unremarkable….

I had hepatitis, couldn’t drink and was
an observer ! 
The biggest thing that night was the host
passed out in the bathroom…
there was a second bathroom, so he
was left there.  But I did … this is an
epiphany for me as I write this
..take his photo as we left for home. 
I thought my candid photography tendency:
if it moves take a photo, if it doesn’t move
take a photo,
was born near menopause as a change of
life quirk, but I guess not.  Sigh.
One New Years, mid 1970’s I got a
phone call.“You’ve never been snowmobiling...
you have time to get here before Midnight.”

I was totally sober…Why did THAT sound like fun ? 
The kids were taken care of,
and I headed out for the new adventure…
not properly dressed by today’s standards
…back then, it was LONG ago…
 you dressed warmly and off you went…
You can’t dress warm enough with wind chills
WAAAY below zero…!
so it took me 3 or 4 days to get the chill
out of my body !
Most New Years Eves are supper and
go home by 8 pm,
tape the ball in New York City falling
and watch it the next day !
2011 turning to 2012 was no different:
Dinner with friends,
home by eight.

The dinner was awesome…
pot luck, too many tasty choices.
Such good cooks our children,
and other peoples children
have become…
well, the hosts children,
and their friends,
mine have moved far away from
here…but they have the memories
for sure,
The four “seniors” sat and talked
at the dinning room table…

with the key lime mascapone dip
and graham crackers,
(my new favorite savory/sweet bread
combo with a cream cheese topping …
sooooo good)
and the fresh out of the oven cookies.
…Mingling with the younger people
when we needed food, drink or
to practice standing and see if
we could still walk
returning to the table
the center of action,
we didn’t miss much that was going
in the middle of the swirling children,
and young adults…
one home from boot camp…
Bless him for serving his country.
Can I say the younger older adults
are middle aged?  In their forties
or there abouts…
scary how time gets by and everyone
but you gets older.
My Six Word Saturday for Prompt New Years:

Dinner with friends,
home by eight !

PS and NO ! 
I have never been snowmobiling again.
And I’ve never been that cold again.
Thank you very much !
for asking.
(six different words☺)