I love the red and white of a blueberry field in the winter....waves of plants and snow.

January ice and snow…
coat the fields,
especially the blueberries,
that suffer in an open winter.
January thaw is expected,
not too long, but just right,
for a short respite from
deep freeze cold and snow.

A blueberry field January 22, 2012. .Growers say that blueberries need a good cover of winter snow to be healthy plants in the spring.

February invites Canadian
cold and snow,
that didn’t arrive the month
February is thankfully short,
hopeful for an early spring…
hope runs eternal on the coast
Downeast in Maine.
In March, my forty plus old
tulips in their gowns
of red and yellow,
appear against the cellar wall
where it’s toasty warm
from the suns
warming rays …
it’s spring when they peak out,
green leaves at first,
letting me know
all is right in the world,
spring is here.

This is the only photo I have of my treasured yellow and red tulip in 2011. I apologize for the poor quality...the camera needed replacing and I didn't realize it. Some years the tulips have been even smaller than this.

April, if we’re lucky,
May if not,
we get to see the lovely canopy
of spring green” as the trees
leaf out getting ready to shade
us from the summer sun.

A painting of Maine trees dressed in spring colors. Some of you may have seen this...It was painted for an Alzheimer and related diseases Center that is being buildt.

Nature works hard
on the Downeast coast of Maine,
bringing natures beauty on land,
natures bounties
from the sea.

Written January 19, 2012