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I think I've posted this photo before...I have certain fields or photos of blueberry fields I love. This photo shows a field with the huge rocks that are in the fields. To make harvesting easier, many growers are removing the rocks and in my mind removing the characteristic natural beauty of the fields....but I do understand why,

Maine blueberries are low bush blueberries. 
Each year’s crop’s success is dependent on many factors both in
and out of a blueberry farmer’s control. High yield depends on moisture,
winter snow coverage, a lack of damaging frosts, freezing winds,

and bee pollination.
The plants are not very tall and are sensitive to harsh weather. 
To survive Maine winters they need a good consistent snow cover
or they will have a poor crop or not produce any berries the following summer.

  • Open winter with little snow, wind damages the bushes….

         as good as a burn in the fall…no crop next summer

  • a hard freeze for the ground, and the water flows off…

          if it rains or as the snow melts, not into the ground

  • need a good cover of snow before the hard freeze to keep the ground lightly frozen…

         and the water can seep into the ground as it melts.

  • the snow keeps the ground warmer than if left open to the cold
  • warm/cool/cold cycles create damage to the plants…
  •  false budding occurs because the plant thinks it is spring if there are too many warm days in the winter,
  •  berry stems may dry out in the wind therefore no moisture gets to the blossoms buds or berries
  • depending on the time of the year the roots won’t die, but if the top above ground dries out….no berries that year


Open Winter. Bare groundSad blueberries.





Still winter on the coast of Maine...not spring today !

Spring in Maine not yet

Snow covers the ground, pretty
sight.  Waiting for

The mind is like a building without windows.
As much as we’d wish to,
we can’t see in and know what another thinks
or why…genetics, an ailing mind,
response to the environment or others.
The thought most echoed before the cry
of “oh, no, not me” “I hope not me”
when the signs of the ailing mind
or body start sneaking out.
Most know the sound of the echo:
“oh, no” “oh, no” “NO !”
and then one thinks
“I hope it’s not a tragedy,”
“I hope it’s not about me
or one I love.”  hearing
the echo before the cry
of pain from a now ailing mind.

A family with a history of ailing minds
or, maybe living with a youngster or
spouse with an ailing mind
may  fear that others may pick it up:
the signs, the symptoms that
try to hide like living in a
building without windows.
The mind is like a building without windows.
As much as we’d wish to,
we can’t see in and know what another thinks.
We may pick it up from rumors,
or the newspaper or even the tv.
The ailing mind carries so much discrimination
fear, and denial that
the echo be fore  the cry may be silent,
bouncing off the walls of the mind,
not for others to know or hear.
The mind is like a building without windows.
The echo before the cry is that we hope
the ailing mind is not picked up by others
The mind is like a building without windows.

The Prompts:  The echo before the cry//ailing mind//I hope not/

Pick it up//building without windows


or “nummah”
than a pounded thumb.
Makes sense to me,
…who ever first thought
to call a person that !
The word ‘numb’ can be
 either a noun or a verb.
“He’s kinda numb’
 means he’s dumb or ignorant.**
I think “numb” is kinder than dumb…
if there is such a thing…
there are times it really fits.
To numb somebody means
 to knock him unconscious.
“When that jack handle
came up it numbed him.” **
I wonder how that came about…
seems a bit numb to me.
But then there’s:
He’s full up numb………
he’d have to to be bigger
to be any nummah.
Number or “nummah”
than a frozen Hake
makes about as much sense.
Frozen or not frozen…
(I’m told it’s just “hake”
not “frozen hake”)
… makes less sense.
Now realize I’m from “away”,
I wasn’t born here,
never will be a Maine-ah
or is it “Maine-iac” ?
So I guess, when it
to Maine speak,
I’m either nummahthan a hake
or full up numb...
which is always covered
nicely and politely by
“She’s from away you know.”
**  Read more:

For  Inspiration Monday.250-500 words…

The Prompts: Pretend you don’t notice //Picking their noses

//Musical hands//A fight to the life// Can’t see past my gun

I wish I could think about what to write
about “picking their noses”.
It sort of goes into
“pretend you don’t notice”
as George Carlin said,
“Do people think the windows in
the cars are one way and other
drivers can’t see them
picking their noses?
It gives thought to much of what
people do that they think people
don’t notice.
Do you pretend that you don’t
when someone has buttoned
their shirt wrong ?’
How can they not notice ?
Do you pretend you don’t notice
when someone has food on their
face or give a discreet point to
your face and hope they get the
hint ?
Same goes for men with mustaches,
and food in the teeth.
All these delicate social clues.
when I was working
the staff would come to me
with such issues…
Do we tell someone they have their
slacks on backwards…the only seam
is down the back of their leg.
Fly is open…I mastered that one.
Working with the uninhibited confused
souls I learned about timing and
approach…being everything.
Pretend you don’t notice
goes a long way these days
with the “do your own thing”
in vogue.
I myself have had purple or
metallic copper streaks in my hair
and since I love color
it is difficult to not notice the
florescent pink hair
then pretend one doesn’t notice.
… and
my father’s statement of
“poured in and forgot to say ‘when’ ”
comes to mind,
when the not so svelte,
could wear a size or two larger
an their choice of apparel.
Which brings me to my mother’s
classic remark
“don’t they ever look at their
backsides when buying clothes ?”
The answer is “of course not !”
So, pretend you don’t notice,
when people are picking their noses.
and remember,
the windows in your car
aren’t one way either !


I don't often travel Bridge Hill ...the Bucksport Road...driving towards town in daylight. I took someone to a doctors appointment just past this spot and was amazed that since my cataract appointment I could see the buildings across the river...down at the bottom of the hill and see how the streets on the other side were "layered". The yellow building is a new construction on High street and then I can see the houses on Beals Avenue on the street literally above. This is probably not amazing to anyone but me...but looking down Bridge Hill was a mind boggling event for me.



Jenny Matlock


I'm looking for someone to feed me some frozen peeled grapes and ice cream bon bons.


Retired. Sigh. Where Does Time Go ?




:  Author : scottrandall
Comment from Scott:
I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award.
I thought this was appropriate because I enjoy your site and also appreciate our other conversations.
Have a great day!

Then I panicked.  This happened twice before.

  •  ………”Be Careful What You Wish For…You Might Get IT ☺ from Wild Pomegranite Siggi of SiggiofMaine .
  •   She’s a writer, a painter, and a lovely gal. Fri, 11 Nov 2011 … I looked at the rules and had no idea how to
     do some of the things, and I’d only been blogging since June 5, 2011 and no computer skills to speak of.

======================= and

  • December 19, 2011,  I am pleased to inform you that you have won   

        Poets Rally Week 58 The Perfect Poet Award,this is an official award, you win because
you are nominated by a previous winner or you have outstanding contribution to poets rally along the way this year…

So along comes Scott and I sigh, what am I going to do, but I think maybe this time I can do it.
It seems more simple this time.  So here goes my attempt.
kreativ blogger award
As with any award, rules of acceptance have been decreed:

  1. Thank the blogger who presented you with this award (thanks again, to Scott whose photography is amazing.)
  2. Post a photo of the award … above
  3. Share 10 things about yourself that readers do not know
  4. Choose 6 people to present this award to
  5. Let the 6 people know that they have been awarded.

Ten things about myself that readers do not know.
1.  Most people know I am an artist. 

  • Paintings labeled “cataract paintings” are from a period my eyesight was failing due to cataracts…
  • I didn’t know it at the time that I had cataracts,
  • I thought I was just “getting old” and needed new glasses…
  • the character of many of these are different from earlier paintings
  • and was encouraged to describe them as “Cataract Paintings” by by artist friends.
  •  After the surgeries in Nov/December there was another change in my painting style. 

2.  I have had a passion for photography since I was 13. 

  • As a  Photographer my motto is: if it moves, doesn’t move…snap it. 
  • I am fascinated by body language of people and animals

         and abstract elements in the mundane.
3.  I am a Registered Nurse
4.  I have lived in Pensacola Florida, Downeast Maine, Japan and Puerto Rico
5.  Have two adult children that live in Texas and Colorado.
6.  I grew up in Wisconsin and Minnesota.
7.  I remember when Milwaukee Braves traveled by train and met Henry Aaron, Warren Spahn, Eddie Mathews,
     and the rest of the great team of the mid 1950’s while they waited for the train one day.
8.  Have been married/divorced twice…  
9.  I love music…grew up with Rock and Roll but love many artists of varied genres.
10. I am disabled physically but abled in many ways.
Choose six people to present this award to:
1.  Zongrik at  She is so versatile and wonderful with words.  I am amazed at
     the extensive vocabulary she seems to write easily with … I just love her poetry.
2. Victoria C. Slotto at  I find her inspiring and heartwarming.  Her posts are meaningful
     and I look forward to her wit, wisdom and knowledge.
3.  Leo at  He has helped me so much keep my energy going
     and not giving up when having computer problems posting. 
    I love his poetry and look forward to seeing his name for postings.
4. Lou Keller at  I have to admit, the name got me first, (I wish I’d thought of it ! )
    but she cheers me up when I read her thoughts. 
5.  Tilly Bud at  I love her sense of humor and don’t go to bed
     unless I have to til I’ve received her joke post for the day around Midnight EST.  I love to read about her family and adventures.
6.  Becca Givens at  Her gift of Haiku amazes me.  Her positive spirit cheers me. 

I’m off to notify the people above they’ve been nominated !



Study for larger painting. Sailboat and dinghy plein air photo...5x7 on wc paper; Mixed media


Journal…playing catch-up.
The winter months I sort of go into hibernation
and I hate it when I find the time has flown and
am behind in a daily routine…like my journal.
I keep a “working” calendar that I jot things on…
so I can remember what I did the day before and
hope things to do are there also.
When I was working, I was much more dedicated
to keeping track of is even more important,
I find, because being retired, the time seems to fly
by faster and faster.
So, this is for me, read along if you wish
or hit the delete and come back another day.
I won’t be offended.☺.
Starting with January 23, 2012
Painted in Somesville.  One of the painters is
back from Seattle and we catch up on the news.
My canvas’s arrive that I had ordered a week ago…
I had procrastinated there, too.
Everybody Eats…good food.  Good company.
January 24, 2012
Writing group...excellent session…7 of us
Lunch at Karen’s afterwards…soup and sandwich…excellent..
January 25, 2012
Stacey’s 41st Birthday…(my daughter), (have a son, Bret, also…
his 45th brithday was last week…he was born in Japan and now
lives in Denver)
weather’s much different here,
Cold and dreary….and windy
   than when she was born in San Juan, sunny and hot…cooler in Dallas, also.
The card I sent her is a painting of the blueberry field she liked that
her friend took a photo of…can frame to 8×10 iI think
Bri (Sabrina, her 19 yr.old daughter) did a nice painting for her
Portrait group...Marjorie. 101…more agile than those of us painting !
….Cliff has a wonderful double cat portrait up of “Spats” and “Bonkers”☺
….Activity intern painted with us for a bit…Jennifer
Long nap with Bianca after a trip to Walmart
Talked to Stacey for a short bit this pm
Photo on FB shows the people at work gave her a nice birthday surprise party
January 26, 2012
Senior Center…game time..Peg/Roger/Richard/me
Long nap/dreary day
Sabrina starts at Dallas Institute of Art February 16..a Thursday.
She called George/then me
she’s excited…a scholarship and work study/work
Decided to clear out spare room this weekend…decided during the night…
then Bob let me know  he can work on it Monday !  Great minds, same gutter ☺.
Waiting for snow and then deluge of rain tonite
Long nap/dreary day
January 27, 2012
Painting at the library was cancelled4″ of snow then lots of rain overnight
Sleepy day…couldn’t stay awake, would  fall asleep at the drop of a hat
January 28, 2012
Brina (19 year old grand daughter) called from Texas
cleaning out spare room downstairs…Bob will be by Mon to start remodeling it
Sunny day…wonderful feeling despite the feeling of sadness trying to rule
January 29, 2012, Sunday
10 am church service, pot luck, annual mtg afterwards
Walmart for photos and slides to put under the legs of furniture to be moved tomorrow
in spare room
finished clearing out spare room to be painted by Bob
Nap…not planned !  Sitting in recliner with Bianca, both took cat naps
Watched final episodes of Celebrity food Challenge...Guy Fieri and Rachel Ray
January 30, 2012
Painting in Somesville…it snowed most of the time we were there…
light dusting type snow, less than an inch the entire time.
We all forgot something we planned to work on but had plenty to do.
Marion is back from Hawaii
Bob showed up to start on the spare room on first floor…he and G. removed 7 layers of wall paper !
Everybody eats...Mary and Jack were there, a great chicken soup and potato salad
Napped off and on in recliner during the evening.  Couldn’t stay awake
Knees and L ankle hurting…injections next Monday in the knees
January 31, 2012
Bob here to work on spare room off dining-room
Writing of us…good writing
Ate at Riverside...bleu cheese, bacon hamburger, FF…better than MacD FF’s ☺.
Walmart for Twinkies for Nai tomorrow…she’s never tasted one
sleepy most of evening…winter doldrums…SAD light on all day and evening
February 1, 2012
Portrait group…Liz
Twinkie party for Nai…and found out Kris had never eaten one either !  A success !
Snow in am…1 inch, then rain.  Burrzy
Worked on getting idonethis journal to NewYears day
February 2, 2012
Senior CenterUp Words with Richard and  Peg.
Bob here to work on spare room
Trisha came over to have lunch… had a nice chat
Cat Nap with Bianca…cat naps are longer and more frequent than I ever realized.☺.
February 3, 2012
Painting at Somesville…worked on broccoli challenge painting and Bayside painting at Burrills
Dona, … I showed her the plastic wrap valentines;
I watched tv, Bianca slept on my lap…and I also reached over her
and deleted or filed a lot of old emails without disturbing her.
It is so seldom she sits/sleeps on my lap, I didn’t want to wake her.
February 4, 2012
Taxes done by Jeff … I get soooo cranky til they are done and over with
THAW benefit at church … to raise money for heating oil
for those in need this winter due to state budget cuts.
Peg did a great job organizing it.
It was also Winter Carnival day in town and despite lack of snow
they were able to put some events on including fire works I could
see from inside the house.
Bianca hated the fire works…
February 5, 2012  Sunday
Watched SuperBowl…Giants won over Patriots
Stacey called from Texas
Blogged and answered remarks all eve.


It wasn’t my fault..
the story of my life.
I looked guilty when innocent,
she look innocent when guilty…
The extra hundred miles
on the car..
it wasn’t my fault.
“I just need to pick up
a few things at the store”.
It was long ago…
not my car,
but she knew I had

So, I was the one grounded.
She told such a convincing
story of staying home
and watching tv.
I didn’t know
about TV Guide.
Who’d think
they checked the mileage
on the car and then again
when they returns.  Double sigh.
No one will believe me
It wasn’t my fault.