or “nummah”
than a pounded thumb.
Makes sense to me,
…who ever first thought
to call a person that !
The word ‘numb’ can be
 either a noun or a verb.
“He’s kinda numb’
 means he’s dumb or ignorant.**
I think “numb” is kinder than dumb…
if there is such a thing…
there are times it really fits.
To numb somebody means
 to knock him unconscious.
“When that jack handle
came up it numbed him.” **
I wonder how that came about…
seems a bit numb to me.
But then there’s:
He’s full up numb………
he’d have to to be bigger
to be any nummah.
Number or “nummah”
than a frozen Hake
makes about as much sense.
Frozen or not frozen…
(I’m told it’s just “hake”
not “frozen hake”)
… makes less sense.
Now realize I’m from “away”,
I wasn’t born here,
never will be a Maine-ah
or is it “Maine-iac” ?
So I guess, when it
to Maine speak,
I’m either nummahthan a hake
or full up numb...
which is always covered
nicely and politely by
“She’s from away you know.”
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