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Daily Archives: February 26, 2012



I think I've posted this photo before...I have certain fields or photos of blueberry fields I love. This photo shows a field with the huge rocks that are in the fields. To make harvesting easier, many growers are removing the rocks and in my mind removing the characteristic natural beauty of the fields....but I do understand why,

Maine blueberries are low bush blueberries. 
Each year’s crop’s success is dependent on many factors both in
and out of a blueberry farmer’s control. High yield depends on moisture,
winter snow coverage, a lack of damaging frosts, freezing winds,

and bee pollination.
The plants are not very tall and are sensitive to harsh weather. 
To survive Maine winters they need a good consistent snow cover
or they will have a poor crop or not produce any berries the following summer.

  • Open winter with little snow, wind damages the bushes….

         as good as a burn in the fall…no crop next summer

  • a hard freeze for the ground, and the water flows off…

          if it rains or as the snow melts, not into the ground

  • need a good cover of snow before the hard freeze to keep the ground lightly frozen…

         and the water can seep into the ground as it melts.

  • the snow keeps the ground warmer than if left open to the cold
  • warm/cool/cold cycles create damage to the plants…
  •  false budding occurs because the plant thinks it is spring if there are too many warm days in the winter,
  •  berry stems may dry out in the wind therefore no moisture gets to the blossoms buds or berries
  • depending on the time of the year the roots won’t die, but if the top above ground dries out….no berries that year


Open Winter. Bare groundSad blueberries.