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Daily Archives: March 3, 2012

Do you have mental pauses ?
Putting important objects,
papers like passports,
birth certificates,
the reminder to renew your drivers license
in a “safe place”?
You swear the ghost in the house
took them away.
There has to be a ghost.
They took it away…
you wouldn’t be careless with such
important things.
My most frequent objects
in safe places are
my car keys
and eye glasses.
Oh, yes, these days my
cell phone and camera.
(ever misplace your
dentures or partial plate
…more than once and NEVER
to be found again?  Sigh
Just asking.)
The cry from the family is
“I didn’t do it !
I think every house with
children or even with
another adult or two,
has an invisible person
named “EYE” and
Eye didn’t do it.
Myself, I think that my
ghost Lewis and Eye
must live in the
City that Never Wakes
since they are always
blamed, but never seen.
Or is it teenagers that
live in the
City that Never Wakes
… I get confused some days
looking for things in safe places
that seem logical at the moment.
Brain sprain.
The last place you look
is usually also
the first place you looked,
and didn’t see the object
that has become
invisible at that moment in
Bill Cosby has a quick way to
remember where
“they” took it away to:
You stop looking,
pat yourself on the behind,
and you’ll remember
the secret hiding spot.
Bill’s theory is:
as soon as you
sit down,
you will remember
where to find “it”
the moment
your butt
hits the chair.
You will then yell
in a deafening tone
the last place
for you to look.




.Post Card by Mostly Postcards, Inc.                                                                                                      brought back twenty years ago…
Photo copyrighted by Carl Strange

It’s been twenty years
since I came home from The Meadows
on February 28, 1992.
Came back the same but different.
Rebirth as an adult was a painful process,
just as  birthing was 68 years ago.
RebirthGiving up old habits,
changing the thought process so ingrained
as a child …
I do believe parents are doing the best they
can at the moment for where they are
in their lives
and what society is like at the moment.
The forties was a time of Dr Spock and
“never let them see you sweat”
as a parent.  Children were to be well-behaved,
attractive and intelligent…each one better behaved
and smarter than the next child.
Rebirth.  Accepting that it is okay to be yourself
and not as attractive as the next person and maybe
with separate and different gifts of intelligence.
By the time I got to the Meadows in Wickenburg, AZ.,
I’d made my own mistakes in raising my own children,
lifestyle choices, and in my adult relationships.  
Rebirth.  Paradigm shift.  Acceptance.
New ways to think.   Life changing,  therefore a
change in how people perceive you.
Rebirth It was leap year.  A leap of faith.
Keep what is useful.  Discard that which isn’t.
That goes for people, too, who want you
to stay the same.  Keep the healthy, discard the toxic.
Learn from the past.  Live in the present. 
BirthLaCrosse, WI.  Rebirth:  Wickenberg, AZ.
Rebirth by choice.  Rejoice.