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Daily Archives: March 9, 2012

The moon as seen from beside my house.
Looking at the moon
knowing that the SAME
moon hovers over
people all over the world
boggles my mind.
I can call someone,
tell them I’m looking
at the stars and moon,
they can go outside,
see the same moon,
thousands of miles away.
A message
can be sent

on moonbeams
to loved ones
still in sunlight
as I am heading for
stardust and dreamland.
My mind is awed
at the idea
of the same stars
and  moon being seen
by all of us. 
It is hard for me to grasp
but I believe that it is so.
Messages on moonbeams,
stardust blesses the ones
we love far away.
Life is good.




against nature to be cruel
be true to nature
be true to nature
kindness makes life easier
practice being kind
practice being kind
with random acts of kindness
natural:  kindness